Saturday, 17 September 2011

Machine Embroidery Retreat - Day 1

Day 1 of our MACHINE EMBROIDERY RETREAT has been completed and I promised I'd report upon its progress.
Students are having so much fun already, learning about their own machine and extending their normal comfort zones with our challenges!  We are honoured to have the youngest ever, Catherine (17), and the oldest, Pam (78), students attending.  They both received one of the "yeahs for the day" prizes automatically.

Group 1 (new students) learnt how to use The Sewing Revolution to place numbers into a circle for a clock face and then embroider the centre.  Kay was still sewing hers when I snapped this over her shoulder.
Group 2 (returning students) commenced the day making a cover for their folder which involved several precise placements to refresh their knowledge.  Wanda is proud of her progression.

I was in the middle of explaining how to use Rainbow Transfer Paper when John interrupted the class completely, but it was worth it.  What's in the box?  The students were certainly excited by the smiles showing here.

Little NEWBORN Emu Chicks only a few hours old!  Everyone wanted to cuddle one.
Barbara and Catherine shown here tenderly holding these fluffy little newborns.

We had an early morning mist before a beautiful sunny day for Spring.  Thought you may enjoy sharing some snaps I took from our front lawn of this most glorious time of the year.


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