Tuesday, 27 December 2011

After Christmas

After Christmas is a quiet time, just lazin' around, doing nothin', listening to music, catching up, no phone ringing, post office not open so no mail going out, cleaning up, sorting out, just wastin' time; but it is certainly nice and I'm lapping it up.
We had a lovely Christmas at our daughter's house.  Hope yours was enjoyed with your family and close friends.  Everyone happy with their presents; both John and I were spoilt by the "kids" too.

Eldest grandson, Reece, was delighted with two little Orpington chicks on Christmas Eve, but even more delighted with the Christmas Coop received on Christmas Day. 

This came "flat-packed", now you all would relate to assembling "something or other" on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!

It's a beauty though, with two "nests" inside and a lid to lift to gather eggs.  Perfect for the clucky chook to sit on her eggs and hatch them, safe from harm's way.  I WANT ONE TOO!

Those who have followed me for some time, know that a few Christmases ago I was searching for an authentic feather duster and you helped me find a few.  By now, they have lost most of their feathers.  Sharelle found this little treat at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, on a school excursion and just had to buy it for me, (even though she had told the school children that they were not to buy anything) and has kept it most of the year until Christmas.  What a treat!  It is so full and fluffy.  I really think they are Emu Feathers too!

Crazy getting excited over housework, I hear you saying!!!!

I have a great recommendation for you: go to the movies and see "RED DOG" but take some tissues!  We enjoyed it immensely.  John said (with tissue in hand) that he was going home to give our own "Rusty" a big hug!  He's old, deaf and not moving very well at all these days.  Of course, I'm referring to Rusty!


  1. We enjoyed that movie as well - good story !

  2. John has now been given the DVD, though he usually doesn't like watching movies twice. I saw "We Bought a Zoo" on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed that too, though once again, I needed tissues! Sook.....Judy