Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day

In my Australia Day Newsletter I gave details of a wonderful local Mum, Sarah Mycroft, who became the first woman to run, yes, literally run, around Australia.  Do you receive my Newsletters? 

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!  Our local Shire held celebrations at The Rock, my home town, so I enjoyed the morning in the heat watching the presentations and being an AUSSIE with the normal damper, egg and sausage brekky.
It's always a lot of fun, normally hot and dry like it was today, so everyone is also thirsty - good excuse.
Today was no exception so thought you may enjoy some country small town celebrations. 

Our future - small children playing with their Aussie Flags.

The presentation platform on a hired truck is behind the marquee tent.
Another view where the food was being offered.
Because it is AUSTRALIA DAY, allow me to brag about some MADE IN AUSTRALIA products!  Three of our grandchildren attended school formals towards the end of 2011 and we're proud of them.

Kirsten is 18 and about to enter Wollongong Uni for Nursing.  Nicholas is 17 and attending Albury High.

Courtney is 16 (the one in blue) and attending St. Johns in Nowra on the South Coast of NSW. 

My regulars have followed these youngsters growing up over the years!

The girls' Jack Russell pet, Mollie, gave birth to some puppies a fortnight ago and today youngest Grandson, Hunter, was visiting them and the look on his face tells it all!

Hope you don't mind me indulging on a special day like today is!

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