Friday, 3 February 2012

January Lucky Draw Winners


Three lucky people have won a SPENDING SPREE on ANY items throughout the entire website for participating in our January Website’s 11th Birthday Celebrations.  Thank you to everyone for sharing the fun and frivolity for the whole month of January, day by day.

1st Prize of $150.00 Rosemary Goulding, Vic
2nd Prize of $100.00 Jill Henderson, Vic
3rd Prize of $50.00 Elizabeth DiBlasio, NSW

We have now started collating the orders and mailing them out.  It will take a while, so please email me if you need your goodies for our Online Classes that have already commenced or if you need your order quickly.  Otherwise, please be patient with us as we have a mammoth task ahead of us this month.  My wonderful staff are working extra hours to try and have everything finalized before I leave for a trip to USA, catching up with friends whilst looking for new products and ideas to share with you.

A new "INTO CRAFT" Newsletter has been published and my regular column "Nifty Notions" in this issue is discussing different ways of taking up hems, particularly for school clothing now that kids are back at school.  I hope you enjoy the reading (with a little humour) and appreciate the hints, tips, projects and ideas in all the articles presented.
Sew Daily recently published a different way of cutting bias strips, giving credit to John the Slipcover Guy and they have kindly given permission to me to publish it for discussion.  I certainly appreciate their co-operation.  Please post your comments.
I want to share his brilliant method for cutting bias strips lickety-split:

1. Cut a good-sized square of the fabric you want to use to make bias strips. I use the entire width of the fabric.

2. Fold the fabric in half, matching two opposite corners, like a napkin.

3. Bring each lower corner to the centre, so that they are overlapping and your fabric now resembles an envelope.

4. Fold the fabric in half again, bringing the right side to the left. Your fabric now looks like half of a house.

5. Cut perpendicular to the last fold, cutting across in strips. When you unfold the strips, they will be on the bias. Tada!
What do you think?
Note:  Cut the bias strips (horizontal in this picture)
commencing from the lower edge shown here.
I add this because the first time I cut I used the diagonal top edge shown here as my guide and cut them parallel to it.  Drrrr.  Result? Ziz-zag strips!  Just as well I was only playing around with a folded serviette to trial the idea!

Don't forget our Online Classes have commenced and also mark your calendar for the Shows you wish to attend this year - we're into the swing of it already!

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