Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sewing & Stitchery Expo, Puyallup, Washington, USA

Referred to as "the biggest sewing party in America", I am fortunate to be attending one of my favourite shows, the Sewing Expo just outside Seattle in USA.  I have attended the first three days of the show but have been unable to download photos I've taken until now.  Apologies, as many were expecting to follow me in my travels each day.

The Sewing & Stitchery Expo is the largest consumer sewing show in USA offering four days of sewing techniques, project seminars, hands-on workshops, professional fashion parades and exciting evening special events.
This Show has more sewing, dressmaking, patterns and the like than any other. This is my fourth time here (maybe fifth?) and I just love the atmosphere. It has the best sewing education and inspirational classes ranging from basic sewing to advanced techniques covering topics in fashion sewing and quilting.

Above shows the entrance to one of the two main pavilions and the other shows visitors queing up to attend a seminar in yet another building.  Aren't you glad you have everything under one roof at shows in Australia?  Snow was predicted in Seattle this week, but we've been fortunate to have not experienced such during the show.  I've been surprised that the weather has been as good as it has actually, though I know it looks bleak in the images.
The Show has had more visitors each day as the Show progresses and is entirely different in display to our Shows at home.  Here is an image of an aisle, taken at random, giving you an idea of stand structure compared to ours.  Please note this was taken near closing time so ignore the few people standing around.  It has been busy!

There's a great buzz around the hall and visitors are here for a good time - all very friendly and enjoying a girls' outing together.  Have noticed quite a large number of male attendees too though. 

If you had tired feet and needed a rest, there are chairs provided at the entrance to the ShowPlex Pavilion which I will not describe, other than to say that this word in America refers to your bottom (butt, rear, backside)!

If you get a headache during the Show, they have a good remedy which I've not seen before, so knowing me, I HAD to have some!  Hope you can make out both sides our our heads as the scissors get a little lost in the background.  So examine the photo closely again!  The scissors really do go right through the head, thus a great remedy for that headache!

Now if you wish to update your old sewing machine, simply give it a "paint job".  I doubt if I could work on a machine with all that distraction though.  Claire Rowley from Creative Sewing Feet actually gives classes on how to personalize your own sewing machine in a similar manner.  Not for me!  I do love the products she has invented though, which we sell, of course.

I know I have readers all over the world, but for those in Australia, to all those who've emailed me re the floods and it being on the news that some in our little township of The Rock have been evacuated, we live on high ground and other than buckets being required in my office and in the mailroom, we are fine.  I do appreciate your concerns.  I am unable to send many emails from the hotel where I am staying because there seems to be a block on emails to hotmail and gmail addresses, so please understand if you don't receive an acknowledgement of thanks.  John has no power at home this evening and is using a generator.  I am sure he would have moved all sheep to high ground and the emus are fine too.  Burke's Creek which is giving the flooding in the township, also runs along our property, so I imagine our bottom paddocks will be flooded and the fences washed away again in the force of the water.  Please don't worry about us, he's fine.  My thoughts to all who are troubled with flood waters in ALL States as it is very wide spread.  Also to the poor souls experiencing the horrendous tornedos here in USA or from the heavy snowstorms. 

For those in Sydney and surrounds, I know you've had heavy rain this week too, but do come and visit the Craft and Sewing Show being held at Rosehill Racecourse, Sydney this week from Thursday 8th March until Sunday 11th March.  We are on Stand A03.  Remember there's FREE parking and lots of exciting new things to see.  Full details in my last Newsletter or visit

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