Sunday, 27 May 2012

Best Large Stand Award Perth Show 2012

Hey, Hey!  Guess who won the BEST LARGE STAND AWARD at Perth's Craft & Quilt Fair?  YEAH, YEAH  - PUNCH WITH JUDY

It was announced as being judged by "outside judges" (from the venue maybe) for presentation, ease of access, staff's friendliness and interaction, display and content plus a few more I can't remember.  Just remember shouting out a big "YEAH", (forgive me).

Reece claims all the honours for the award as being because of his presence since he is filling in for "Grandpa John" who wasn't able to attend this year's show.  The Show Organizers took this photo showing finger with No. 1 sign to send home to John. The second photo was taken by Liz. (couldn't decide which one to show you, so included both).  Thank you to everyone for making Reece feel so much part of the team and, as you see, he has enjoyed himself, even enjoying wearing our Scissorheads Headband.

Savannah has been helping on our stand and since she has been a student in some of our Online Classes, she kindly brought in some "show and tell".  The Westalee Constellation Quilt has been made but not yet quilted, a beautiful Christmas theme quilt.  Her "curves" quilt is made as a result of the Curve Master Online Course.

Both are quilt tops only at this stage.  Well done Savannah.  If you wish to join our Online Classes, you may join now even though they have commenced; no problems, you will catch up since there's no time limits and projects are your choice.  View all our Online Classes.

Sunday is your last chance to attend the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair, so we look forward to seeing you there at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre from 9.00am till 4.30pm.

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