Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Quilter's Guild of NSW Inc. displayed a brilliant array of quilts at the recent Sydney Quilt Show two weeks ago at the Craft & Quilt Fair held at Darling Harbour in Sydney.  Well done to everyone who had a quilt hung.  Because I have so many International visitors, I thought I'd share with you the winner of the 'Best of Show for 2012', which, incidentally, also won First Place for 'Predominantly Applique (Professional)' and also Bernina's 'Best of Show Award'.  Congratulations to Ming Hsu who I had a short chat to when she was introduced to me on my stand at the show.  So petite, so modest, so appreciative and so excited!

LONG FONG (Chinese Dragon and Phoenix)
by Ming Hsu

Closeups will show the brilliance of her quilting.

Ming Hsu said "Since I became a quilter in Australia in 2006, I wanted to make a quilt reflecting my Taiwanese-Chinese culture.  I was inspired by Chinese symbolism for wealth, good luck and prosperity, the Imperial Dragon (Long) and the Phoenix (Fong).

During the show I didn't have much time to take many photos but I always do try to snap any quilts that may be of interest to students of my Online Classes, so captured a wonderful quilt by Margaret McDonald & Susan Campbell called 'Fantasia' which was described as being "inspired by traditional fan quilts that offer so many layout possibilities".   Thought you may like to see too.

In our Online Classes we use several variations of the ever-popular traditional block called 'Drunkard's Path' and this is one such variation whereby we dissect the 'pie section' but this one is then pieced in the arc using several different fabrics.  I know my students appreciate the inspiration of other quilter's ideas.

Another kind customer allowed me to take a few snaps of her beautiful skirt (which she didn't make) for you to see as it uses Yo-Yos as the feature.  Clover's Yo-Yos are still some of our biggest sellers and I'd say the Small Size was used for this skirt.  The ankle-length skirt was like a tiered skirt with patchworked fabrics separated by rows of yo-yos sewn over another fabric so as not see-through.  
Remember that the Craft & Quilt Fair will visit Melbourne in July and I have FOUR FREE entry tickets to give away for FOUR lucky customers who place an order online for collection at the Show. Just another reminder that there is NO late night at the Show this year, every day closes at 5.00pm.

Don't forget to read my latest column of 'NIFTY NOTIONS' on 'how to care for your rotary cutter' in June Newsletter of Into Craft  -  Next, I'll be talking about 'how to care for your cutting mat' and you may be quite surprised.
I am having so many people email me or at the shows saying how much they enjoy my educational editorials in this newsletter and that they love our new idea of demonstrating on the INTO CRAFT stand at the shows.  THANK YOU, it is appreciated and I welcome your input with Q&A too.


  1. It was wonderful having your continuous demonstrations of new 'toys' at the Show this year,(more seats would make it even better!)and once again your stand, crammed full of hands-on stitching delights, persuaded me and my friends to spend up on lovely bits and pieces. Thank you, Judy - now all I need is the time to use them!

    1. Well, thank you Di. Lovely comments. In Melbourne this month, we are trialling a lower table and 6 rows of chairs so as more can be seated as so many stayed for more than one demo at a time. I and the organizers certainly welcome all comments and act upon them accordingly. Yours was already in motion though. Can't sell you time though!

  2. Your picture of the winning quilt is lovely. But it just doesn't show how beautiful the quilt is, none of the photos that I have seen compare to the original. It was absolutely beautiful.
    I have seen many winning quilts at the Quilt Show in Darling Harbour and I think this is the only one that doesn't look as good in a photo.

    Did you see the Log Cabin quilt that was peice cut and colour arranged to look like a shell pattern? That was interesting. I would have missed that design fact if I hadn't had one of the committee taking me for a quided tour.

    1. Oh, I agree, but the quilt will be shown again and I shall try once more to capture its brilliance in a photo. I DID say I had to scoot around ever so quickly taking these. Sorry it wasn't square too! No, I missed the Log Cabin Quilt you mentioned, shame. Sounds amazing.