Saturday, 7 July 2012

Emus from Wildlife Sydney

Thought you may be interested in a little farm news!
Sometime ago those who live in NSW may have seen Channel 7's news clip re the arrival of little baby emu chicks to the Darling Harbour Aquarium complex which also has Australia's Wildlife. If you missed this and are interested, view the following clip (it is preceded by an advert, sorry, can't delete it, so be patient and wait)
Well, those little chicks have grown and proved to be a little robust for the handlers at the Wild Life Centre.  They contacted us to see if we would take them off their hands, so I thought you may be interested to see the following pictures. 
Michael Drinkwater, from is a very caring keeper and he had made a special carrying pen for the emus journey from Sydney to our farm so as the emus travelled safely without injury, as they don't travel well at all normally.  Three were brought down, unharmed and settled in well with our younger birds, as you will see below (they are the three towards the left in the picture).

Seems now that they have another three who have grown too large for the captivity, so we are going to swap them for three younger ones from this year's hatching.  We'll keep doing this on a rotation system which seems a caring solution for the Wild Life organization.  Glad we can help.

We needed another enclosure for the emus, so the boys have been adding higher fencing to a paddock which was already fenced, so as we can transfer some emus into it.  Emus need much higher netting than sheep or cattle as they can easily jump over regular fencing.  They are normally fairly placid but get a little "flighty" during mating season.  Right now is laying season and we are incubating the eggs ready for this year's arrivals.  As John is recuperating from a hip replacement operation only 5 weeks ago, Rowan (son), Reece (grandson) and friend, Bill, have been regularly visiting to do all the jobs John can't and shouldn't be doing.  We do appreciate their help immensely.  Reece has also been doing some of the shows with me in John's absence.  Great to have such a family and friends!

Catch Reece, Liz, John and myself at the next show, Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne at Jeff's Shed, from 26th - 29th July, 10.00am to 5.00pm daily.  We are on Stand A11 and the Nifty Notions Stand is in Aisle C right at the front door. Visit the Show Schedule on my website for the demonstration schedule of our new products.
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Unfortunately, Penny has been in hospital and can't assist us for this show.  If anyone would like to work on our stand for the four days, please email me with your full particulars.

There are two new shows in Brisbane next weekend, though we won't be there, you may be interested in attending.  Two shows under the same roof, pay for entry to one, but visit BOTH as they are in adjacent halls.


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