Sunday, 15 July 2012

More Westalee Design Ruler Quilts

You most probably are aware that Punch with Judy holds Online Classes, one of which is a Mystery Sampler Quilt using Westalee Rulers.  During 2011, Westalee held a competition for completed quilts and our students gallery is there for you to view on my website. 

This week, I received yet another completed quilt from a student, Judy Fletcher, who had roused my interest during the course because she had chosen to use furnishing fabrics. 

Judy has given permission for me to share this delightful quilt with you and emailed me as follows:

Hi Judy,
As per your request I am sending you a couple of photos of my Westalee Quilt which I have at last completed.  You will see that I decided to create a charm quilt to try to use up some of my scraps.  The quilt consists mostly of 100% cotton furnishing fabrics and I also embroidered one strip for each block to complement the fabric within each block.  I have included a cloesup photo to give you the idea.  Consequently I needed  to surround the other sides of the block with fabric but thought it needed to be a solid colour as the quilt is quite busy.  This resulted in a herringbone effect between the blocks which I then quilted mainly in the ditch or outlined the shapes when there was a lot of plain background.  Thank you once again for all that you do for your online groups.
Kind regards,
Judy Fletcher

Don't you agree that Judy's completed quilt is amazing and so different to all the others on my gallery.

Leonie West has designed a quilt featuring the Westalee 2 1/2" Half Hex Stash Buster Set and the Westalee Hexagon Setting Triangle Set - called "Braided Hexagon".  The half hexagon shapes are sewn in rows and those vertical rows are separated by sewn in black fabric strips.  The Hexagon Setting Triangle Set allows you to sew hexagons without sewing "Y" seams!

A close-up image allows you to depict those actual half hexagons.  Visualize the diagonal sections, then the vertical rows.

The pattern will be available at the Craft & Quilt Fair to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 26th - 29th July on our Punch with Judy Stand A11, at which Bill West will be our special guest.
For those not visiting the show, I will have it on my website immediately after the show.

Leonie has another quilt in the Victorian Quilt Guild competition at this show using her Kaleidoscope technique; so do watch for it if you are visiting the show - it's all in Autumn tones.  For those who are not, I shall release the images I have of it after the Show commences.  I saw it at the AQC in April as a sneak preview and was allowed to take some snapshots for you.  Shhhhh!

Visit Punch with Judy's Stand A11 and also catch our non-stop 30 minutes demonstrations of "Nifty Notions" on the Into Craft stand right at the front door at the top of Aisle C.  Don't forget to read my column in each month OR, my editorials are now also available on my website as of this week.  Each one will be added to save you having to view the archives on the Into Craft website making it easier for you.  Visit here.



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