Friday, 31 August 2012

John's 70th Birthday Dinner

Promised you some more photos of John's 70th Birthday Dinner before I returned to "business" type Blogs.
Cheers to all says he, but who feels any older?  He reckons he won't make 80 if I keep making him do the show circuit! 

Photo taken by a friend at "the local" who used to be a Press Photographer and he then gave John a black & white drawing version.  I'll need to frame it!

Note the football candles on his cake! A little lost for words in his thank you "few words", I say with tongue in cheek, because once he got going after an emotional beginning, he got on quite a roll till I had to give him the wind up sign. He was simply so overwhelmed with who had come and from so far away and that the younger generation were all there too. A night he'll never forget and he was the one who never wanted a party! 
 John's brothers and one of his sisters, unfortunately, the other sister was unable to attend. For those of you who knew me in my sewing shop days at Hall's Sew & Knit in Campbelltown NSW, that's Ray on the far left, who used to work in the shop with me for several years.


 Our beautiful granddaughters, but who's biased? 
Shame I never thought to get a photo of just our immediate family!
I'd like to give special mention to my dear brother-in-law, Bruce, who ventured out and stayed all night, because he "wanted" to. Bruce was the rellie who had that severe farm accident a few months ago that I told you about. You can barely see the scar from the back of his head across the top of his head, under the eyebrow and down to the ear. The other ear was sewn back on. He shouldn't be alive. His arm and fingers still need more surgery.  He and my eldest sister, Lorraine, are Godparents to our three children and were so much part of our first 10 years of our married life, living and working side by side with them. A nicer guy you couldn't meet, but tough as nails. 
Brian, my nephew, gave the best "roast" of John's mishaps during harvest which he does each year for the family. I wouldn't dare repeat even one of them here out of sheer love and respect, but Brian really gave it to him, at my request and brought the house down; such as queuing up at the silos with an empty truck, but I never mentioned that either. 
Extra accommodation provided more beds. Melinda (#2 daughter) was disgusted that our dusty dirt lane made her new pride of joy "filthy" and she washed it twice!
It was a fabulous weekend and we both thank Rowan for organizing it all, help from the girls on the day and the announcement NOW that I'm not having such a celebration as I'm getting younger every year, so my dear cousin told me (though he needs glasses) so shan't make 70 myself.



  1. Happy Birthday! I think John needs to keep up the circuit - when you stop you stop! My gran is 94 and still bakes for the church and morning tea once a fortnight for her Retirement home. (She is in independant living. Thanks for sharing your family photos. Great photo of John at the start of the post.

  2. Thank you, I agree, such a typical photo of John who rarely takes a "natural" photo. Nice words, thanks. Care to add a name to the posting though?