Monday, 27 August 2012

Tulips from Amsterdam

Well, not quite, but my friend who gave me these is married to a dutch girl.  A good friend of ours on the show circuit, John from Melbourne, visited for the weekend to help celebrate John's 70th Dinner and he brought a whole bucket full of glorious tulips for me.  They are now just opening and the fragrance in my house makes you want to take deep breaths when you enter the room where they are.
Although it is not John's birthday until next week, since I will be away in New Zealand, celebrations with family and friends were over the weekend, commencing with Friday night at the local pub, which now has plastered over the walls several photos, claiming it to be "a happy Hall at the Hotel 2012".
From the left: 
Ian a local friend, Ray who is John's younger brother, John and good friend John from Melbourne.  Raising their glasses to wish him a great birthday.  All others arrived on Saturday, these guys had a head start. More photos of his birthday dinner next blog.
John didn't have them just visit, he put them to work.  Lopping trees, marking lambs, tending to the emu chicks.  I'm sure they all loved it though.
Emu chicks are now 4 weeks old, with another batch 2 weeks old and yet another due to hatch later this week.  See how they've grown!  Clustered around a friend's boot, (that's his leg in the jeans) trying to peck at his boot lace, shows how inquisitive they are even at this young age.
Most beautiful sunrise during the week showing a glorious rainbow in the west which is rare for this area, they are usually in the east.  Notice just how bright it is on the left hand side of the rainbow, reflecting the sunrise, then the dark grey clouds looming up on the other side, soon to be raining.  Was right on sunrise - isn't nature beautiful?
Remember last December I showed you two little day old chickens that our Grandson, Reece, received as his Christmas present?  I've been chook-sitting them for a couple of weeks and look how they've grown too!  Just starting to lay eggs.  He named them Salt & Pepper.  Their feathers are to the ground and you're lucky if you can see their little feet underneath all the fluff.
More tomorrow!!!


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