Thursday, 4 October 2012

AMQF in Adelaide

Punch with Judy attended the 2nd AMQF held in Adelaide last weekend.  This was the first time we'd attended this Longarm Quilting Convention and, although MUCH slower than those other shows we attend, was quite interesting.  Certainly an eye opener as far as how far quilting has expanded with these large machines that are up to and exceeding 14 feet long, probably requiring a separate room for such.  Delegates came from all States, as indeed visitors did too. 

I shall show you some of the Quilt Show winners tomorrow, but here's an image of our stand plus a view down one aisle before opening time.  The Adelaide Convention Centre is conveniently located to the Railway Station and bus route and is indeed an excellent building.  I just love Adelaide.  Could certainly live there as is much slower than other capital cities and really like a very large town rather than a city.  My opinion anyway.  Glorious sandstone homes from the past and other magnificent buildings are all heritage listed and give charm that is unexplainable.  Do go and visit if you've never been to Adelaide.

The highlight for us though was that we stayed with exceedingly good friends who used to do the gypsy show circuit but have now retired (and trying to urge us to do so too) to a travelling life as grey nomads in their caravan and also trips overseas.  A nicer couple you'd never find and we had lots of laughs and catching up.  Virginia and Robert (alias Timberturn business) live in a heritage sandstone home which oozes with charm.  Our high vehicle wouldn't fit into any carpark at the show venue, so we travelled to and fro by bus daily; bus depot right outside their door.  Now, isn't that a change for us!  We NEVER do such and had to be shown by a regular bus goer how to validate our tickets before we sat down.  Talk about bushies!
Allow me to show you Rob's latest woodwork design which I just fell in love with and you will too.  Their grandchildren adore riding in his beautifully made Pedal Cars with so much detail, individual number plate, old-fashioned squeeze horn, adjustable seat, big 16" (40cm) bike wheels.  If you would like one for your grandchildren, email me and I will forward your details to Rob.  Maybe you are a business that would like to have a few to hire out at functions?  They are 135 x 113 x 68 cm.  This one doesn't show its number plate though.  Even the steering wheel is beautiful timber. 

Looking through the back window.
Isn't is a charmer? Want one? Email me.
Virginia is the "banker" for the SA Quilt Guild and did her duties at the AMQF.  Absolutely amazes me that in all the years they were Show Exhibitors she was never interested in sewing at all.  Amazing what retirement and grandchildren bring :)
Recently she won a raffle quilt herself and I was staggered by the calibre of the beautiful quilt offered as a raffle quilt.  I could never part with such a magnificent quilt if I had made it (probably couldn't).  So, I thought I'd like to share with you.  Just how lucky Ginny was to win such a treasure.

BUSH MAGIC by Michelle Bouchier of Bloomin' Quilts.
It is hand appliqued, hand and machine embroidered, machine pieced and machine quilted.
The Tea Tree Gully Quilters Inc. offered it as a Raffle Quilt in March this year and Ginny bought some tickets, saying as we all do, "oh, I never win anything, but yes, I'll buy some tickets"!

Closeups show the 3D effect of many areas. 
There really was a lot of detail with texturing.  I am soooo envious.
The October INTO CRAFT is now up for viewing and my NIFTY NOTIONS column this month is 'How to Sew Straight' which has had already several comments and further ideas.   
May I invite you to read it here.
Punch with Judy is NOT attending the Craft and Sewing Show at Townsville which starts today until Sunday, but those in northern Qld. you may wish to attend at the Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre.  Show is open from 4th till 7th October from 10.00am till 4.30pm daily.

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