Sunday, 28 October 2012

Art U Wear at Brisbane's Craft & Quilt Fair

Bernina Sewing Machines sponsored an Art U Wear Challenge at Brisbane's Craft & Quilt Fair a week or so ago and the garments on display were nothing short of spectacular - some you could actually wear and some only for the catwalk.
Machinist extraordinaire, Ruth Osborn, who has so many awards and deservedly so, was the grand winner with her "Ruth's Mirror Mirror".  Ruth explained "I have interpreted the theme as that of a woman seeking assurance that her beauty is not fading and that she is still the most beautiful woman in the world."  
Congratulations Ruth AGAIN.

Runner-Up was awarded to Jing Jix for her "White Firefly" made of chemical fibre filler with artificial cotton and bulbs. She said "My piece is inspired by the Chinese Legend of Chang-E or Sad Fairy of the Moon. It incorporates the timeless magic, wonder illumination and dreams of a celestial journey to the moon." that intrigued me was a woven wonder called "Woven Rainbow Fairy".  "Several from the Centre of Creative Arts clients have made 3 lengths of beautifully collaborated woven fabric on SAORI looms in which each of them expressed themselves freely.  They transformed the woven fabric into a rainbow dress for this competition" - so said the card accompanying the garment.

Some will appreciate this fairy dress.

BEST OF THE SHOW was awarded to Joanne Johnson for her "CARNIVAL" which not only won the coveted prize but also won the Best Traditional Quilting and the Judges Choice.  I was delighted that a traditional quilt won the most prestigious award as quilts have leant towards picture and art techniques in recent years.  Joanne said "The traditional Dresden Plate was my inspiration for this quilt.  Fabrics used are reproduction 1800's.  The Quilt is hand pieced and quilted."  Note the detail in the borders.  Wow!

Even though I am in Houston, USA, as I write, attending the International Quilt Market, I shall blog more beautiful quilts from our own Craft & Quilt Fair in Brisbane 2 weeks ago tomorrow.  Then go on to this week's exciting adventures.


  1. I love this Judy. Especially the fairy dress! Thank you, Flora.

  2. There were some other marvellous entries too Flora, but glad you liked what I chose to show. I most certainly appreciate feedback. The wings at the back of the fairy dress were quite large and open woven pieces. Thanks, Judy