Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween at Houston

Many booths joined in the spirit of Halloween today at the International Quilt Festival in Houston and many visitors were dressed appropriately too.  There were some fun outfits.  These characters were from "Splash of Love" booth; appropriate you think?   Correction - it should be "Splash of Color" but the owners told me to keep it at my new name for them as they liked it.

One couple I saw said they dressed up in period costume one year and now everyone expects them to do the same each year. This year was no exception; vintage clothing of the 40's or is it earlier?  They come each day in a different outfit.

It is a massive show with 24 aisles.  This photo was taken on a Trade Day late afternoon, hence not many visitors around, but it shows the magnitude of the venue when you consider there were another 6 aisles behind me as I stood.  If this is all too much, then you may hire a wheelchair!

Coats & Clark are celebrating their 200th Anniversary so were fortunate to have "After The Mona Lisa 8" loaned to them to have on display from Devorah Sperber.  It is constructed from 1482 spools of thread so the image resolution is very low.  Yet, when seen through a viewing sphere, the thread spools condense down into a recognizable image, conveying how very little information the brain needs to make sense of visual imagery it has already been exposed to.  Photos were hard to take as there were so many lights reflecting around the area. Note that is upside down but reverts to the correct way up through the sphere!

One of my favourite Aussie celebrities is Michelle Hill, captured here signing her William Morris Applique Book on the C&T Publishing booth at Quilt Market.
A few more booths to show the imagination of some people and the incredible inventiveness of some minds.  The Quilted Trillium was at both Market (Trade Show) and Festival (Retail Show) but in a different location.  Imagine having to move this from one location to another mid show!!!  A shop front which you entered to see what they were selling.

The Square in a Square (Jodi Barrows) booth had a dinky-di tin shed scene at the front of their booth.

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  1. This truly looks like such fun. Must put this show in my Bucket List!

    Thank you for sharing, Judy!

  2. YES, a must visit some day. Start a "penny" jar going and just put gold coins into it :) Judy