Sunday, 25 November 2012

Aussie Quilts at Houston

Many Aussie Quilters did themselves and US proud by starring at the International Houston Quilt Festival earlier this month, as did the quilters from The Netherlands who won two major awards!  We have all been left in awe with the detail in quilts and how quilting has changed over the years.  There's not space to show them all but you can view them at
Photos shown are my own so sometimes I was not able to be right in front of the quilt because of the crowds!
Mariya Waters is not a newbie to Houston having won First Prizes before, but this year Mariya, who is from Melbourne, won First Prize in the Miniature Quilts section with 'MINI MAGIC' which is a miniature version of her prize-winning quilt 'Magical Mauve'. 

Mariya said she used classical fan motifs from Ancient Greco-Roman art made popular by the Audsley Brothers in the late 1800's.
Techniques:  Turned-edge whole units hand appliqued over a semi-soluble fusible, hand embroidery, machine quilting.  Amazing - Congratulations Mariya.

Linda Steele is another Melbourne Quilter and Linda won the Traditional Applique award with 'HOLIDAY WALTZ'.  Linda said she was inspired to design this quilt to represent the joy of Christmas and the gathering of family and friends.  Yes, it is an original design.
Techniques:  Hand Applique, Machine Quilting, Trapunto, Embroidery & Beading.

Linda ALSO won Third Place in the Embellished Section for her 'NATURALLY CRAZY', which I'm sorry I didn't collect details of; but a picture tells it all.  Well done Linda!

Helen Godden is another Aussie Quilter well-known in Houston.  Helen received an Honorable Mention for her 'RAINBOW LORIKEET' in the Art-Painted Surface section.

I happened to be there when Helen was being interviewed so was kindly given permission to take more photos.

Long Fong from Adelaide has been featured in my blog before with her 'MING HSU' which means Chinese Dragon and Phoenix.  

We are so proud of all of you who entered.  
More to come ............

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing some amazing talent. Well done to all the quilters.