Saturday, 20 April 2013

AQC 2013 Quilt Challenge Winners

The AQC, Australasia's largest quilting convention, is being held this week at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton Gardens, Melbourne.  As usual, it is abuzz with excitement and very jovial, bubbling with enthusiasm, delegates and visitors.  Many International Guests and the cream of Australian Quilters are featured and honoured.
This year's AQC Quilt Challenge was with FREE as the theme and the winners have now been announced.

Helen Godden from ACT has once again taken first honours with her quilt "Galloping Wild and Free".

Helen said she painted the horses of gold, silver and copper then made these free spirits come to life with surroundings of movement and energy by extreme free-motion quilting using Superior Threads Metallic.  Helen's designs are always her original artwork and she is indeed one of Australia's finest artists become quilter. Congratulations Helen  - you deserve the $3,500.00 First Prize!

Runner-Up makes you feel so humble and so very thankful that we are indeed FREE and live in such a wonderful country that we too often take for granted.  "I Am Nujood and I Am FREE" was made by Gillian Shearer from NSW.

Gillian used raw-edged applique and free-motion quilting. The story of Nujood is: In 2008, 10 year old Yemeni girl, Nujood Ali, became the youngest divorcee in the world.  Secretly making her way to the local courthouse one day, she pleaded with a judge for a divorce from her abusive 35 year old husband.  All Nujood wanted was to be free to play with other children again and go back to school.  Her bemused little sister looks on, unaware that Nujood has paved the way for her own future freedom. (Photography courtesy Stephanie Sinclair -

If you get a chance to visit the AQC over the weekend, you will be so inspired and in awe with the magnificent displays of quilts from Korea, New Zealand and Australia.  Full details are on AQC's website here.

Punch with Judy is on Stands 111 & 114, the latter having our International Guests, Mendy & Jerry Tippets from Dreamworld Inc. USA, the manufacturers of the beautifully made, very practical, Sew Steady Portable Tables.  You could also win one by entering the Lucky Door Prize competition.  Also, we have Leonie & Bill West from Melbourne, the inventors and owners of the Westalee Design Rulers.

Come and enjoy yourselves with us over this weekend if you are able to.  For those who can't, I'll give you more information of images asap.


  1. Wow wow wow!!!!!!! Amazing!!! How do you make a quilt like these... Truly inspirational and totally beautiful ...... Thanks for showing us Judy.

  2. Amazing. Thank you for sharing. I couldn't make it this time - too many kids activities - so happy you shared such fab work with us. Can't even imagine starting (let alone finishing) something so great as these. Truly inspirational.

  3. I was left in awe too, girls. Shall post more tomorrow! Just finished packing up after the last day of the show. Judy