Monday, 22 April 2013


The AQC is over for another year and indeed, what an absolutely amazing event it is!  You really must attend whenever you can.  Next year it will be held from 10th to 13th April.  Note it now!

At the Gala Dinner held on Saturday evening, not only was the entertainment a delightful variety, music to dance to, the most delicious meal you could imagine, friends for company, but we were once again entertained by Julia Zaetta as MC, editor in chief of Better Homes & Gardens.  Hosted by Bernina Sewing Machines Australia, winners for 2012 were announced.

The coveted RAJAH Award was accepted with surprise and humility by JENNY BOWKER, ACT.  A much deserved honour bestowed upon someone who has a list of achievements a mile long.
Visit her website then read her CV.
Jenny recently made a quilt dedicating it to her friend and previous Rajah Award Winner, Margaret Rolfe, seen here.

Most of Jenny's quilts though are reflected by her living many years abroad in the Middle East countries and by teaching extensively throughout the world.  If you wish to see more of Jenny's amazing quilts, please visit her website's Quilt Section.
I had the pleasure of sitting next to Jenny at a Scquilters' Dinner in Canberra one year and was thoroughly entertained all evening with fascinating stories from a remarkable down-to-earth Aussie, highly educated and fine Ambassador for Australia wherever she travels to teach.

Another fine achiever is RACHELLE DONNENY from SA who won the BEST OF AUSTRALIA for 2012.  Her entry was GOLDEN IVORY which is a white/cream wholecloth quilt.  Rachelle added a touch of bling using gold free motion machine embroidery.  Trapunto was used to enhance these sections and the quilting was then designed to fit around the embroidery without overpowering it.

For this one, I definitely have to show you some closeups for you to appreciate the work involved.  Would you believe, completed in only 2 months?

Rachelle, accepting her award from Bernina "heads" from Australia and Switzerland.



  1. and to think Rachelle Denneny does all her quilting on a normal domestic sewing machine is amazing, i have sat in on her teachings and she makes it look so easy, she really is amazing, and we are all proud of her here in SA, she is a regular speaker and inspiration at quilters' guild meetings, i love her work :)

  2. Shame your comment is "anonymous". I have heard that Rachelle is a very good tutor too.