Wednesday, 24 April 2013


This year's AQC Challenge was with the theme "FREE", winner was shown in a previous blog, however, the Viewer's Choice Winner was "COREOPSIS" by Bernadine Hine of Qld.  Congratulations Bernadine.
My apologies I didn't snap a closeup of the detail in Bernadine's amazing quilt.

I am always drawn to quilts on show using curved piecing to share with my Online Students of the Curve Master Quilt Course, so allow me to share with you a beautiful quilt from the AQC.

"Liliums for Glen" was made by Carole Pianto for her sister Glen whose favourite flower is the Lilium and her favourite colour is lime green.  The quilt did win 1st Prize as Traditional Professional in Quiltwest last May. 

I was particularly drawn to the colour placement of the Drunkard's Path sectors and the border used.  
See what you think?
Another mind-boggling quilt was made by Mylene Pijpers using the Clover Yo-Yo tool  In fact, three thousand, three hundred and eighty four yo-yos were used to make this quilt.  Made over 6 years with one year to sew them altogether. 

Want to buy a Yo-Yo Maker and try your hand at it?
One view of our main stand at the AQC.  Our other stand featured our International Guests from Dreamworld Inc. manufacturers of the Sew Steady Portable Tables, plus Westalee Design Products from Melbourne.

The Third Lucky Door Prize was a magnificent collection of products from Dreamworld and it has been won by Barbara Wilcock from Templestowe, Vic. who is absolutely delighted with her good fortune.

You could win this Sew Steady Table Package at the next Craft & Quilt Fair in your Capital City during 2013.  How very generous of Dreamworld!!!!

Next, I will share some images of the quilts from South Korea.

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