Saturday, 27 April 2013


There were quilts from many corners of the globe featured at the AQC held in Melbourne mid April at the Royal Exhibition Buildings. Stunning quilts from Belgium, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Korea, New Zealand, USA, UK and, of course, Australia.

32 magnificent quilts from South Korea introduced Korean culture featuring both traditional and contemporary themes.

"GABENORI" was made by Jung-Soon Kim from South Korea.  She said: The "GabaeNori" is one of Korea's traditional plays expressed here by quilting.  Centre part of the quilt was represented by "JeobGi" technique and the five coloured fabrics spreading out in all directions was expressed by crazy quilt using the silk with five different colours.

I will show you the detail of the centre as this will surprise you.

"HARMONY" was made by Mi-Kyung Jang from South Korea who said "On the green yard, a couple of lucky birds and two couples of does and deer are enjoying the great nature with harmony.

There were many others which truly gave a window into Korean culture with thoughtful artistic interpretation on a range of subjects from fauna, flora, religion, mythology, history, human relations and so much more.

The exhibition of 15 quilts from the Cabot Quilters in the UK with a theme of "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" was interesting and sometimes with humour.

"BLUE ZENTANGLE" was made by Hanne Asbey who explained that "Zentangle is a comforting and relaxing way of drawing, usually with black pens.  Think of it as a structured, contained doodle and you'll get the idea.  Zentangles are usually two colours so I stuck to blue and white using printed fabrics as well as batiks."

I hope you have enjoyed some of the quilts I photographed - wish I had have had more time to examine more and to share with you.

To see more quilts from all these countries, visit the AQC website HERE.

Punch with Judy was proud to be a sponsor of the AQC and we look forward to next year's event to be held from 10th - 13th April 2014, at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton, Melbourne.  
Mark it in your diary as a MUST GO TO event.

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