Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Farm News

A change of pace and catch you up on some Farm News. Friends came to visit in April for 2 days and stayed for a month.  Thought you may like to see their set-up as they travel the highways, but are now based at Daly River, NT.  Glenys and Grahame sold their business and are now lapping up the easy life of Grey Nomads.

Great having them here and the boys got so many jobs done around the farm that one pair of hands just can't do as easily.  Here they are erecting a fence alongside a pair of double gates at the top entrance to our house area.

Next shows a new aerial for John down at his shed so as he can listen to a range of radio stations as he toils for hours manufacturing our Pleatmakers.  Music makes him happier with that chore!

Best of all though is MY own "harbour bridge" as it has been called - now when I take the shortcut home on my farm walks, I don't have to climb over a barbed wire fence.  Isn't it great?  Asked if it could be painted Purple (what else?) but I've been told boring old grey as that's the tin of paint available.  No sense of adventure these men.  Notice the little emu chicks I showed you last October as to how much they've grown.
So many other jobs around have been done, some that have been waiting nearly 20 years, just too many to tell you about, but the feeling is good that they accomplished so much and had fun working together.

Foxes have been a big problem with the young emus and lambs, so we now have some Alpacas in with the mob and John has erected "fox lights" which are red beams, solar powered, that deter foxes from entering within a certain distance.  Let's hope they work. Photos I took at night didn't show well enough, but there are 4 lights, one each side of this post and they throw out a red beam intermittently.

Triplets were born whilst we were at the AQC and they've survived and are doing so well - great Mum!

I know so many of you enjoy seeing what's happening on God's Little Acre, so till next time, Judy


  1. It is great satisfaction to tick off some jobs. Thanks for sharing the pics. What an amazing set grey nomad set up - looks like they have everything they need.

  2. Most certainly is. Everything that opens and shuts. The cupboards with roller doors, the outside oven and other kitchen facilities, the outside TV, the fridges and men's stuff for journeys - we have been intrigued with every little thing that opens and shuts. John has itchy feet :)