Saturday, 13 July 2013

Art on Legs - Australia's Wearable Art Show

Entrants of the 2012 "ART ON LEGS" were on display at the recent Craft & Quilt Fair held in Hobart late June.  Australia's Wearable Art was one of many displays and had a lot of interest shown for the imagination of some and the incredible talent of using anything and everything to make wearable art.

Now, not the type of outfit I could wear buying my groceries at downtown The Rock, nor to any function that I may go to, BUT, here you are, I will leave it up to you for your own opinion - though I do admire the ingenuity and creative flair shown.

First Prize for 2012 was awarded to DIANA EATON (TAS) for her "PLASTIQUE FANTASIQUE".

Other entries were:

"Unfolding, she waited for the beating of her own heart" by Leonie Oakes (TAS)

"Cave Dweller" by Sabrina Evans (TAS)

"Pull of the Moon" by Maggie Wreatham (QLD)

"A Couple of nice fresh Snappers" by Sadhana Peterson (NSW)

If you would like to enter, you'll find more information on 

Each afternoon of the show a group of models mingled among the crowd wearing beautiful costumes.  It was so attention getting and visitors appreciated the warmth of the girls and their willingness to pose for the cameras and even have a chat.  One of the highlights of the show.  Let me share some photos I took of these delightful young ladies.  There were more, but they seemed to walk past every time I was teaching!

THESE definitely COULD be worn to the MELBOURNE CUP!

Again, I hope you've enjoyed sharing images from shows that you may not have been able to attend.  People all around the world view these - ENJOY!


  1. Amazing work. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. My pleasure, hope everyone enjoyed them but I thank you for acknowledging your enjoyment. One lady asked how do they transport the costumes - I have no idea. Would take some special care for sure.