Monday, 29 July 2013

BEST OF SHOW - Victorian Quilters Inc. Quilt Show at Craft & Quilt Fair Melbourne 2013

One VERY excited quilter, Pamela Brockwell, chatted with John at our stand at last week's Craft & Quilt Fair held in Melbourne. Unfortunately, I was off the stand teaching at the time, but John reported that Pam was literally ecstatic about winning any one prize, let alone Best of Show!  Well done Pam (one of our regular customers), sorry to have missed you.

Pam called her quilt "FIORE DELLA VITA" and received permission from Sharon Schamber (a famous quilter from USA) to use Sharon's process of dyeing fabrics and her techniques of applique and quilting. Pam's quilt is 226cm square and won the Mainly Applique Amateur section, received the Judge's Commendation and for Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting and, of course, the coveted Bernina BEST OF SHOW.

Look at the awards attached to her quilt!
It is such a beautiful quilt that I really want to show you some of the work involved - lots of close-ups for you to marvel the work Pam has done.  Note the quilting!  All done on a stationary machine said Pam.

Are you as impressed as I was?  
CONGRATULATIONS Pam - we'll see it at the final at AQC in 2014.
More soon............


  1. Pam has been in touch with me and said she use Ricky Tim's Stable Stuff for all her applique.
    Yes, we sell it, of course! Ricky is a firm favourite of mine.
    She won a Bernina 750 and is presently drooling over it and learning how to use same. Ohhhh, I feel all warm inside, so appreciative. Bernina would be pleased too.

  2. Sorry, "used" not "use". Should have read it before I hit publish!

  3. Wow its spectacular! Thanks for sharing Judy, I can see why it won so many awards. Just beautiful.