Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Spring has arrived at The Rock

Yes, it certainly has - SPRING has arrived - little emu chicks, little lambs, ducks on the dam, ibis in the paddocks, green velvet paddocks, misty mornings, sometimes crisp, sometimes chilly but sometimes sunny days.  Great place to live.  Even better because we are having a break from the show circuit. In fact, only two more shows for us this year.  Yes, we have given up a few shows for one reason or other, so always check my show schedule as more cuts to come as we do other things.  No, we are not retiring!  Now preparing for a Machine Embroidery Retreat on our premises in September. Shall report on that later.

I haven't posted farm photos for some time and many have been asking, so here's an update for you.

Canberra Show early this month cost me a packet, look at what the show organizer took John to see at the local farm machinery dealer whom he knew and said they had some specials that were too good to pass up.  Hmmm.

This is what it has resulted in - to be delivered next week!   Some Father's Day present hey?  
Who can top this?

Next, he wants a new farm ute!  Can't see what's wrong with his old one!!!  Maybe he could build his own like this American Farmer did - isn't it a beauty?

Little emu chicks are hatching weekly.

The season has been late this year and John has still been collecting eggs right up till now.  The adults are still sparring, all in play.

They are the most inquisitive of all animals or birds and are a delight to watch playing.

Healthy lambs being born and I even watched one from woe to go whilst out walking a few mornings ago, just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Absolutely Mother Nature at it's best, watching that mum being midwife is definitely what city folk miss out on.
We had quadtriplets born last week and though we brought them up to the house area for protection as we knew it was going to be a squally, wet night, she now only has twins, unfortunately.  This is a photo when we first brought them up closer.  They look healthy enough here but the night was too cold and too wet. 

Misty morning on The Rock hill.

We've had some visitors lately too - robin red-breasts and blue wrens, though they are too fast to snap a photo of.  Plenty of Kookaburras, White Cockatoos and Major Mitchell Galahs; plus, an eagle resting on the post, looking for a feed maybe and all these ibis in the paddock in front of the house which I've never seen there before, obviously something in the ground they were eating.

Too many ducks on the dam too, keep shooing them away as they mess up the drinking water for the emus.
Just look how many!

I hope you've enjoyed the delights of our "other life" on the farm - God's Little Acre!
Did you note how healthy the countryside looks at this time of the year?
Machine Embroidery Students coming in a few weeks will be in for quite a treat.


  1. How beautiful. Thank you for the updated pics.

  2. Glad you enjoyed, sorry, don't know your name. Appreciate your comment. Judy