Saturday, 17 August 2013

Last Posting of Quilts from Victorian Quilters' Showcase

A few more amazing quilts that were on display at the recent Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne before I commence showing those from last week's Craft & Quilt Fair in Canberra.  I do hope you enjoy seeing these magnificent quilts.  Feel free to let me know what other images you'd like to see from these shows that I exhibit at. I try to capture a variety and give you a closeup view as well.

The Traditional Amateur FIRST PLACE was awarded to MOIRA BRUCE for her NEW YORK BEAUTY.  Moira machine pieced her quilt and hand quilted it, saying "I love the New York Beauty block and I have used my favourite colour combinations in this quilt."

I particularly like the design layout, just a little different, but that's me!

The FIRST PRIZE in the Traditional Professional section was awarded to MARLENE ANSWER-LEWIS for her quilt MARLENE'S INSANITY.  I indeed think Marlene is insane because she said she made the quilt up using 10,339 half inch hexagons.  Madness and aptly named.  My second name is Marlene, but that's all we have in common.  My hat off to you Marlene. "The quilt took 3 1/2 years to complete by hand and was stitched using the English Paper Piecing method."  Quilt design by Rhonda Pierce.

Just look at the intensity of the quilting in this closeup even though it was quilted on a track mounted system.

Change of pace, the RUNNER-UP to BEST OF SHOW was DOUBLE CREAM by KAREN TERRENCE who won FIRST PLACE in the Long Arm Quilters section.

Cream and White just don't photograph as well, but you can see the detail in my closeup image.
MAMA'S GARDEN was RUNNER-UP in the Traditional Two Person Both Professional section.  ROBYN HARRIS said "My interpretation of a Julie Nieweyer pattern with my preferred brighter fabrics.  I completed this as my Ma was dying and dedicate it to my love for her and her love of gardening".  Machine pieced and machine quilted by Leanne Kaufmann.

RUNNER-UP in the Open - Group Quilts section was awarded to ANNETTE CONRAD for TO GILL WITH LOVE.  "An array of quilt block stories, depicting special times spent with Gill, showing our love for and admiration of this passionate and caring woman." Dry felting, hand and machine embroidery and appliqué.  Machine pieced and machine quilted by Anita Ellis. 

There was so much detail in this quilt and showing lots of farm scenes, no wonder I was attracted to it.  Well done girls.

As I walked around the quilts I came across the following quilt display, one quilt of which I immediately thought, "now I CAN see that quilt in my house with my own colour scheme in one or two bedrooms.  Then I saw more similar, all in a row.  I learned it was a display by DESLEY MAISANO who was the PROFILE QUILTER @ QUILT SHOWCASE.  There was a similar theme in them all but I was drawn to them with "Feathered Rose" in particular, shown here.

Desley said, "I have always been interested in sewing and craft, but from the moment I started my first quilt in 2001, I knew I had found my passion.  One quilt let to another and I realized I needed my own long arm quilting machine.  The quilts shown in this exhibition demonstrate my growth as a machine quilter and how my skills and creativity have developed over the course of making each quilt".

Sometimes I share some quilts with my Online Students, for their eyes only, to give them inspiration during their online classes. KAFFECCINO by VAL DALE showed a large Drunkard's Path pattern mainly using Kaffe Fasset prints and I just loved the interpretation of this very popular traditional block.

Well done Victorian Quilters Inc. for such a wonderful display of quilts and thank you for allowing me to share with my many viewers from all over the world.  NEXT, I'll show you some of the quilts from Canberra Quilters last week which was indeed the best display from Canberra I've seen. 

PS  I thoroughly enjoyed the SCQUILTERS' DINNER on the Saturday night too.  I have so very many friends in Canberra, the closest show to our home, so I consider my "home show".  Scquilters stands for Southern Cross Quilters, an internet quilting group I belong to for Australian and New Zealand quilters and those who happen to be living abroad.

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