Saturday, 7 September 2013

Emu Eggs - Carved & Painted

This week we were visited by Joanne and Darren from the Aboriginal Health Service in Albury, NSW, who purchased some of our Emu Eggs for their cultural workshops.
Darren brought a carved Emu Egg to show what he was doing with eggs.

Only his third attempt, would you believe, so he definitely has talent, this carved image is that of his nephew, a rugby player.  Darren uses the blade from a shearer's cutter and the shading is achieved by how many layers of the egg shell he whittles away.  The colouring becomes lighter the more layers that are removed.

Darren coordinates the Woomera Aboriginal Men's Shed in Albury, providing an opportunity to talk and share as well as learn about culture.  They also provide woodwork and metal workshops and conduct various cultural workshops and projects such as emu egg carving.  Well done - for providing a meeting place to connect, encourage and support each other to better health and well being in the community.

When Rowan, our son, was attending Charles Sturt University in Wagga, one of his friend's uncle also did Emu Egg Carving and we gave him several eggs.  As a thank you, he presented us with this beautifully carved egg depicting Australian birds and animals.

Another friend on the show circuit, quite some time ago, also painted me a beautiful egg as a thank you for some eggs as well.

Of course, many fine artists also have "open" eggs decorated, painted or filled with 3-D scenes.  There's such a wonderful industry existing for such, so if this is of interest to you, simply search the Internet for similar in your part of the world.

Go to the Archives of my previous posts and in August 2012 you will find some interesting research that Charles Sturt Uni is doing on the "age" of emu egg fossils.

If you wish to purchase some Emu Eggs at any time, visit my website.



  1. Thank you for sharing the talents of these people.

  2. Indeed. I couldn't believe that Darren's egg was only the 3rd one he'd carved and with a shearer's blade at that! Judy