Monday, 23 September 2013

Machine Embroidery Retreat Day One

Held at The Rock annually in our warehouse on our property, this year's Machine Embroidery Retreat is lively, exhausting but a whole lot of fun.  We have 9 people staying on our property and the rest staying in Wagga.  19 students plus 9 hubbies.
Here are some on our property very early morning before anyone else was stirring.

We enjoyed an Orientation Social Dinner together on Friday evening, then commenced yesterday morning. All set up in our warehouse and busily sewing.  Plenty of light!  Apologies, fluorescent lighting photographing well!

Eager students listen intently as they learn about different stabilizers and when to use them and how to hoop.

Everyone made a name tag to wear, learning lettering, placement and borders. 

Making a folder cover for all their class notes, using Mylar Embroidery Sheet, sewing over Puffy Foam and Velvet Embroidery whilst learning positioning.

Mylar Embroidery gives a lustrous shimmer to the normal embroidery thread giving the impression that Metallic Thread was used.
This design given to the students from Julie Hall's "Crewel Intentions" CD.

Purely Gates Embroidery specializes in designs suitable for embroidering with Mylar whilst many others have a few.

The day closed with open house for everyone enjoying a barbeque and drinks whilst getting to know each other in social surroundings.

These are just some of the projects from Day One!


  1. Wow - now you really must put me down for next year Judy. I warn you though, I bought the embroidery module for my Bernina 66QE and have never - yes never - used it. Long story about supplier and lack of help/knowledge. I was talked into buying it when I bought the machine and was told I could use the software on my Mac laptop. Mmmm - no, apparently I can't.......
    I will have to get my act together, acquire a pc laptop and at least learn the basics before next September won't I?
    Hugs from Inverness to you Judy. I don't need to tell you all to have fun, now do I???

  2. Oh Jenny, I hear so very many similar stories. Yes, get to it when you can. One must be able to use the machine embroidery module and have done some embroidery to be eligible for classes here. Make it your goal for 2014 here. Students all say they learn heaps.