Monday, 4 November 2013

A Celebration of the Doll - Houston Quilt Festival 2013

It is not all quilts at the Houston Quilt Festival - there are other displays too.
Such as an amazing display of cloth dolls.

IN CELEBRATION OF THE DOLL was an exuberant exhibition of dolls highlighting the amazing artistry of cloth dollmakers from around the world.

Realistic, humurous and fanciful.

Here is a selection for you to admire.

I was bemused by the darling old cash register that Steady Betty stand was using and it ACTUALLY worked.  I thought it was a shame to cover it up as they had done, but I do agree that the patchwork covering did have some appeal.

Just look at the levers to open it - all with individual pricing numbers.  
Note also, that there were only 3 compartments for notes.

One of my dear friends, Cathy Miller, the Singing Quilter, plus, of course, John Bunge (Aussie Partner) made me feel very welcome. Note the Aussie Flag on their stand! Told Cathy she should've had a Canadian one along side of it.  They'll be visiting us again in January during a tour (yet again) of Australia.  Can't add up how many times she has "worked' her way around Australia singing and entertaining.  I do distribute her folk type songs on CD if you want a lovely present for Christmas either for yourself or as a gift. Here's your link.

As you may know, I have customers from all over the world. One has become very special and we correspond comparing our worlds both on the farm and in quilting. Yochi is from Israel and this year there was an amazing display of quilts from Israel in a special display at the Houston Show. Unfortunately, no photography was allowed. It had been organized that I would meet with Yochi. Three times a day I would return to the stand I told her I would be able to be contacted at. Guess what? Yochi arrived on that stand TODAY - the day I'm travelling home. The only disappointment of the show. 
Here is Yochi with my dear friend, Sandy Chandler, on her Just Curves stand - the famous Curve Master Presser Foot. Sorry Yochi.
Had a very long wait at LAX Airport, hence I found a power outlet and managed to give your another blog from Houston sooner that I had thought.  Is a long trip home of way more than a full day.  I've worked out more than 30 hours.  So here's to sleeping on the plane!

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