Wednesday, 27 November 2013

More from Festival of Quilts, Adelaide, 2013

Behind the scenes............
There has been a delay since my last blog featuring winning quilts from the Festival of Quilts shown at the recent Craft & Quilt Fair in Adelaide, due to the request from the Quilt Guild of SA, quite rightly, requesting I seek permission from those quilters concerned whose quilts I wished to share. They very kindly assisted by emailing everyone on my behalf, however, only 6 have responded to me so far.
Thank you to both the Guild and to those whose quilts I now have permission to share with you.  I am very sorry that I am unable to share with you all those other wonderful winning quilts plus others that simply took my fancy.

VAL GILES won the Mixed Techniques Open FIRST PLACE with her original design quilt which she made and quilted herself.  Val made her quilt with fabrics she received as a prize last year.

They were all William Morris fabrics by Michele Hill, who won Best of Show this year as I showed you in my last blog. Val said "because I love the New York Beauty block, I combined the two, calling my quilt "William visits New York", a very apt name.  Congratulations Val and thank you for your permission.

Here is a touching story......... JILL RADCLIFFE won SECOND PLACE for BEST USE OF COLOUR for her quilt entered into the Traditional Amateur section.  Jill said her sister-in-law's Dad passed away last year and she made this quilt as a memory of him using all of his ties.  Apparently he was a lovely bloke who always wore a suit and tie.  Named "The Ties That Bind".

Jill acknowledged that the design source was Jinny Beyer's Free to Use Block. She did all the quilting herself too. Thank you Jill for this wonderful quilt and allowing me to share with my readers.

In the Traditional Open section, I was delighted to see the following quilt, made from a pattern by Karen Styles of Somerset Patchwork & Quilting, made by TARA SNIEDZE

Tara said "My version of the Mrs. Billings Coverlet and I used fabrics by French General, taking two years to make it.  What a journey!" I can well believe it.  Please look at the detail.  Tara won FIRST PLACE in the Traditional Open section and was awarded a prize for Retaining the Tradition. Thank you Tara.

ZARA ZANNETTINO won FIRST PLACE in the Pictorial Quilt Amateur section for her quilt "FIFTY SHADES OF SIENNA".

Zara said it is her own original design to explore the natural shades of the earth's pigment, sienna.  An excuse to delve into my gorgeous stash of batiks and threads. The stain-glass panels also provide the perfect format to practise quilting" - yes, she quilted it herself. Thank you Zara for sharing.

I was in awe with the quilting in RACHELLE DENNENY'S quilt "SUNDAY'S BEST". The precision of detail was flawless.  Of course, Rachelle is indeed blessed with talent, winning at AQC during the year - the ultimate. For this quilt she won THIRD PRIZE in the Small Open Quilt section.

Rachelle said that "this design reminds me on my Nana's special lace handkerchiefs. I used to love the smell of her hanky drawer." We all have such memories, don't we? Wholecloth, silk fabric, free motion quilted with love.  Original design by Rachelle and self quilted.

Take a closer look.  See why I was so wrapt?

I hope I may be able to bring you more from Adelaide, but that's not up to me.

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