Saturday, 4 January 2014

MOO-ston Cow Quilts at Houston 2013

I promised I'd return to quilts from International Quilt Festival at Houston in November 2013............

One of the special exhibitions was of Cow Quilts, YES, Cow Quilts! They were hilarious, I just wish I'd taken more photos. I really enjoyed admiring the whacky imagination some clever people have.

MOO-ston gave everyone a chuckle asking "How did one book make so many quilters have a cow?" Answer? From a pattern in the book 'Out of the Box with Easy Blocks' by Mary Lou Weidman and Melanie McFarland, friends and students have customized the "Purple Cow" into various bovine-inspired themes. All the quilts were embellished to the hilt! Apparently it was an arranged challenge from the above book.

Mirage? No, MOOrage by Rebecka Schafer from Nebraska and quilted by Rich O'Neil.
Rebecka said this quilt was her take on a desert mirage. "I wanted to make my cow to be like a camel in the desert. I gave her a saddle and put her in a desert setting with pyramids. I love how camels look when they are all dressed up. I used the sunglasses to make my cow look like she was gazing out into the desert."

MOO-ey COWliente by Tina Neppl from California.
Tina said "I had so many chili fabrics that she was the perfect cow for me to sew up. Her name is Cowseula, my alter ego."

OLÉ Indeed!

MadaMOOselle's ChoCOWlate Cafe by Sandra Fisher from California.
MadaMOOselle is Miss MOO-LaLa's older sister. Sandra said "I chose a more traditional path and opened her own business. They both love fanciful hats and braided tails. While MadaMOOselle may not approve of her younger sister's choice of occupation, they do love each other as only sisters can do".

I hope you enjoyed this frivolity as much as I did! 
To view all the entries, you may like to visit the following Facebook page from Cowtown Quilts:

More from Houston still to come..........

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