Sunday, 12 January 2014

Digital Imagery Quilts from Houston 2013

As the ever-changing mood of technology floods our lifestyle, so does it too in the world of quiltmaking. Love it or Leave it, they ARE quilts and have categories of their own at today's quilt shows.  Some from the Digital Imagery Quilts Category, sponsored by C & T Publishing, at last year's Houston International Quilt Festival were indeed superb works of art. I will share some I photographed.

First Place was awarded to Jennifer Day from Sante Fe in New Mexico for her heart-warming quilt "BOY AND HIS BEST FRIEND"

I apologize for not taking notes how it was achieved, but since in this category, it would be from a photo and probably painted before quilting.

Second Place was awarded to Sherry Davis Kleinman from Pacific Palisades, California for her quilt "ALONE/TOGETHER".

Sherry said "This quilt reflects the paradox current technology creates; how we are together and alone at the same time. Using my iPhone, I took photos of those around me as inspirations for drawings. I completed on my iPad and then printed them onto fabric on my home computer."

Oh boy, ain't this the truth?   !!!!  What a shame.

My favourite in this section though was "LARRY" who received an honourable mention and was also made by Jennifer Day, who won First Prize above. I think you will understand why I warmed towards him.

Next blog I will share Art-People, Portraits and Figures Category and these are amazing, still along the lines of today's technology.   

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