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Art - People, Portraits and Figures Category - Houston 2013

As I mentioned in my last blog, ART has entered into the world of quilting full-force. It is my view that you need to be an artist first, then a quilter, which I'm NOT as I have trouble past drawing stick figures; art not being my forté! However, there are so many new techniques of exploring art into the quilting world so I hope you enjoy the expertise of these talented quilters who won prizes in the ART - People, Portraits and Figures Category at the International Quilt Festival at Houston USA late last year.

First Place was awarded to VIRGINIA GREAVES from Georgia USA for her portrait simply called "LINCOLN". No other explanation required.
Virginia used Machine Appliqué and Machine Quilting and was inspired by a public domain photograph in a Museum.

She said "Lincoln was a great defender of the US Constitution, a document I have found myself reading lately to understand our founding fathers. His face reflects the determination with which he pursued his goals, yet also shows the stress he endured in that struggle".

Second Place was awarded to MARY WILBER WIRCHANSKY from New York USA for her quilt "WAITING FOR THE MAIL", which she said "portrays her grandfather waiting for the mail with his dog in front of the house he built in eastern North Carolina."

Mary's techniques included piecework, appliqué, inking (verbiage), fusing, embroidery, small amount of embellishment and computer copied photos on the back. (they were letters he wrote to his daughter in the 1930's and 1940's)

Third Place was awarded to SHERRY CULVER from Oregon USA for her portrait of EMMY TOVO. My apologies, I have no details of this.

An Honorable Mention was given to JENNIFER BOWKER (our much beloved Jenny) from Canberra, Australia for her portrait of another well-loved Aussie Icon, MARGARET ROLFE. "THE QUILTMAKER" is not a new quilt to any of us who attend major Quilt Shows in Australia.

Another Honorable Mention was given to NATALIE CARLTON from Florida USA for her delightful quilt, "I HAVE MANY FACES". How many can you recognize? A couple stumped me!

Natalie said she "posterized the photos, printed them out and used them for my pattern for fusible appliqué. Just for the record, she used 64 different fabrics and 64 different threads!

PAPA by JOCELYNE LEATH from Perth, WA, was also on display and I've shown you this amazing portrait before as it won Best of Show at Perth Quilt Show in 2013 and, therefore, is an entrant in the Best of Australia to be announced at the AQC in April, Melbourne. For more details see this archive.

Another which I really liked, though was not awarded a prize, but thought I'd like to share. How could you not recognize him?

Simply called "JACK" and nothing else necessary!  SANDY CURRAN from Virginia USA said "much of my work concentrates on the emotion and expression in eyes, both human and animal. If the eyes are alive, the work is a success. Could anyone have more expressive eyes that Jack Nicholson?"
No Natalie, no-one could disagree with you.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the talents of these people. Very inspirational.