Saturday, 19 April 2014

AQC 2014 Welcome Cocktail Party

At the Welcome Cocktail Party on Wednesday night, prior to the AQC opening, the tutors were introduced to the Delegates. Proceeding the introductions, we were entertained by acrobats, a wonderful new version of The Time Walk with quilting lyrics just for the AQC, very clever, "Let's Do The AQC Again", plus a wonderful journey of the 10 years of the AQC with clips from past shows.  Gary Fitz-Roy, show organizer and owner of Expertise Events, hosted the evening in his usual imitable style, such a showman.

International Tutors were introduced one by one with their flag shown on the big screen with an appropriate song playing representing what EE thought was applicable for their country. Rosalie Dace from South Africa shown on stage.  Quite fun really.
Each one graciously came up to the stage, smiled and was applauded.

Hilarious Jennie Rayment wasn't content with such, together with Yvonne Brown, both from UK, Jennie came with a Carpet Bag and a chair. When on stage, proceeded to make high tea for Yvonne, who was amazing as the pan-faced stooge - what a comedy act! Rosalie from SA was still on stage, looking on, completely amused.
Aussie Tutors (shown on screen) were introduced, one by one and drew spontaneous ovation.
After tutors were introduced they were asked to dance to the new theme song for AQC.
What good sports they were! That is John Flynn (USA) in the centre, a reluctant dancer.

This was also the announcement of the AQC Challenge for 2014 with the theme "TEN", of course, because this year was the 10th Anniversary of the AQC. Gary coyly smiled saying, with tongue in cheek, that it was quite in depth and took them a long time to decide upon the theme TEN, but I thought how ingenious. I will show you some of the finalists in my next blog.

The Challenge is open to all and must have a 125cm square quilt showing the quilter's interpretation of the theme "TEN". 79 entries were received from Australia, New Zealand and Canada with 30 finalists chosen. If you visit any Craft & Quilt Fair during 2014 you will be able to see the 30 finalists displayed.

The Winner was announced and for the first time ever, judges were unable to declare an outright Runner Up so split the prize between two people. $3,500.00 to the winner and $750.00 to each Runner-Up and $500.00 to Viewers' Choice.

Winning Quilt was by Alison Withers (Vic) with her quilt
"10 Together Equals Teamwork".
Alison said "In an ideal world a team can work as one for the common good. Looking like skittles about to topple, 10 men in the boat support each other to safely navigate past obstacles, known and unknown. United they maintain balance. The helmsman is well equipped for the adventure but can't pilot the voyage without the foundation and care of the team. 10 together can reach the dream.
Jill Hessing (Vic) was equal Runner-Up with her quilt 
"Ten in My Tank Today".
Jill said, "There's ten gorgeous fish in my fish tank today, but I get the feeling there may not be tomorrow!"
Rosemary Rush (NZ) was the other equal Runner-Up with her quilt "It's All About the Number".
Rosemary said, "This celebratory and joyful quilt design is based on the number 'ten' which is represented both in letters and numerals. The centre circle contains the word and then flowers either in part or outlined. (Look carefully!) The area around the circle is divided into ten parts. Each design element such as flowers or scrolls is represented ten times. The (part) edging flowers number ten, albeit in different sizes. Because all the tens needed to be viewed from the front and the correct way up, the design produced its challenges. It was fun to do!
Viewers' Choice was awarded to Sue de Vanny (Vic) for her amazing quilt "Tram Route No. 10".
Sue said, "In a contemporary city filled with modern people, art and culture, the visual of an old tram is the vintage gem to a young hub. AQC is celebrating its tenth year in a city that has certainly established itself with the iconic transport. Route No 10, although no longer operating, passed through Melbourne to the city's World Trade Centre ... the former venue for the Australasian Quilt Convention. Now as AQC celebrates its 10th year in the Royal Exhibition Buildings the quilt, 'Tram Route Number 10', ties AQC's past and present being 10 years of dedication to the art of quilting."

As you know from my past writings, I am from Melbourne, born, educated and worked there before moving to NSW when I was married.  I took the famous trams to and from MLC, Kew, every day and then every day of my working life in Melbourne CBD.  So many memories.

Think you have to agree these winners certainly deserved their awards. Aren't some people just too clever for words? I certainly hope you can see these in person during the year at any CQF as their detail is amazing.

More to follow.........

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