Monday, 21 April 2014

More of AQC 2014 Challenge - TEN

Following my last Blog, here are more finalists in the wonderful Challenge for 2014 at AQC where the theme was simply "TEN" to celebrate the 10th Anniversary Year of the Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC).

I was blown away with the finalists' entries on display and I am quite sure the remainder not displayed would have been a treat to view also, but alas, only so many can be shown.  ENJOY, as I know you are from the emails I've been receiving.


Dale said, "TEN cats in the TEN rooms of the treehouse. TENament represent the perfect 10/10 for me. In making this quilt, much joy has been found in atTENtion to detail and meeting challenges with TENacity. The TENor of my life has often been raised, during the last TEN catastrophic years, by my two 10 year old cats. They have given affection, comfort, inspiration and sometimes irritation when they sit on my sewing! My quilting journey and collection of cat fabrics also began about TEN years ago. Cats leave footprints on your heart and your fabric - to the tenth degree!"
Robyn also told me that she used Inn-Control from Innovative Crafts to pad out the cats and other items making them real-life and most certainly did give a lovely dimension to her quilt.
We ALL know about ten green bottles and the song, well, SUSAN PRICE asked her husband what his immediate thought was when she said "TEN"?  Susan said, "he replied TEN GREEN BOTTLES. Okay, I'll go with that. We laughed and discussed ten green bottles and the theme exploded with the antics of Leprechauns trying to get the ten green bottles off the wall. If you have Leprechauns you have to have a goat, suggested her husband. Why? I said. Because you just do! I googled Leprechauns and modified them to suit my story. Finally the quilt came together. I hope you enjoy my quilt as much as I enjoyed making "Ten Green Bottles". It was fun to make and is a fun quilt.
Susan said "A bold contemporary quilt featuring many forms of TEN dominated by X - the roman numeral for TEN. Specially designed fabric includes TEN in many languages and numerical sequences, reflecting the international nature of convention. The flowers used in the centre of the log cabin blocks and appliqued centre symbolise the window at the Royal Exhibition Building. Central beading represents the meeting of people and exchange of ideas. The TEN theme is continued in the Xs used for the hand quilting."
One of the oldest jokes I remember from my Poppy: "What's black and white and read all over?" Of course, a newspaper!
DIANNE DOWD remembered such when she named her entry as "THE TIMES 10 NEWSPAPER - Black and White and Re(a)d All Over."
Dianne said, "There are TEN main blocks each 10" x 10" made in silhouette black on white with a hint of red, each with a connection to number TEN and quilted in TEN different ways."

Elaine said, "My quilt - we are all expected and heading off to the Stippling's Birthday Bash. We are having cake and are waiting for Mr. Possum and the two Cockatoos to bring the three extra candles to make a total of 10 candles to celebrate 10 years of quilting, quilting, quilting! Music is from our friends in the trees, the balloons are coming with the echidna, the emu and the mouse. Whoops - there goes Mrs. Mouse. Oh what a celebration - 10 years of quilters quilting together having a wonderful time, eating birthday cake and discussing their next quilting project."



  1. As per usual you share so such in your blogs. 'Living Colours' are spectacular and the 'challenge' quilts are amazing, thank you.

    1. Aren't they something else Effie? Truly amazing. If you visit the Craft & Quilt Fair in Sydney during July, you will see them for yourself - then you really will appreciate our quilters' skills. Thank you, Judy