Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Living Colour Textiles at AQC 2014

So VERY many features of the AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention) including 'Great Australian Quilts', AQC Challenge (shown to you over the last few blogs), Ten Years of AQC, Best of the Best, Best of Australia, Kopanang Quilters, Living Colour! A Travelling Textile Art Exhibition, The Rajah Quilt, Quilts made by Jenny Bowker the Rajah Winner 2013 and a display of work from the Tutors for 2014.

Living Colour! A Travelling Textile Art Exhibition of 32 vibrant contemporary textile works is curated by Brenda Gael Smith and was an absolute delight to view all the banner-format works of art on display. The exhibit will be on display at the Creative Textile Show in Canberra from 2nd to 4th May at the National Convention Centre, Canberra. (Punch with Judy will be an Exhibitor too!)  You may like to visit the Living Colour Textiles website to find more details and entries.

Living Colour!  Celebrating Life Across the Spectrum

ORDINARY FOLK are AMAZING by Sue Duffy (Australia)
Sue said, "Birds are like people. There are the bright, the vibrant, the gregarious and the colourful, showy and popular, whom we remember and admire. They are hard to miss, swooping and gliding through life. But then there are the other ordinary folk, quiet, plain and shy. One might pass by the awkward, ungainly, little black cormorants of life, who cannot compare....but wait! Look closely and in the shining sun, you might see the colours there. Under the surface, see how skilfully they navigate! It all depends on your perspective."

by Mathea Daunheimer (New Zealand)

Mathea said, "Inspired by the beautiful, vibrant colours of the birds and foliage found in New Zealand's North Island.

UNFURLING by Annie White (New Zealand)

Annie said, "The complexity of nature is manifest in the unfolding of a simple fern frond. Rising from the depths of the forest floor, through the sun filtered layers of the rainforest canopies, the frond reflects and mirrors the myriad of colours formed by dancing leaves bearing brightly coloured fruits and berries until it glimpses and reflects the blue sky."

".....AND ON THE SEVENTH DAY HE RESTED" by Sandy Corry (Australia)

Sandy said, "The world is an intricate and glorious creation! I am amazed and excited by the spectacular colours that fill it. And at the vast diversity of living things; tiny bugs to flying feathered creatures; gentle giants of the sea to frightening wild animals; and towering forest trees to delicate tiny flowers. Stunning! Unbelievable! This wonderful world is ours to cherish and preserve. It is our playground to explore and delight in."
I know you are enjoying viewing these and I thank Brenda Gael Smith for giving me permission to share my photos with you. You will be able to see ALL of them closeup as they travel around Australia during 2014. This was their debut at the AQC. Remember to visit the Living Colour Textile website for more information.

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