Sunday, 8 June 2014

FB-EK Holden Nationals

We had a quick visit from my cousin, Jeff McAlpine, on Friday on his way from Melbourne (Vic) to Cowra (NSW) for the 25th Anniversary of the FB-EK Holden Nationals held this Queen's Birthday Long Weekend, on 7th & 8th June at Cowra NSW.

He is so VERY proud of his EK HOLDEN - a 1961 Sedan Special - Opal Green with snow crest roof.

He enjoyed discussing the many attributes with John - all fella's type talk - they were like two little kids.
John on crutches since he's just had his knee replacement operation.

Jeff has most period accessories added to his pride and joy.

Even authentic bottle of Tarax Soft Drink and the ever-popular 'spider' or soda-pop to many are in the back.
Jeff reckons he gets about 27 miles to the gallon on the highway at 50mph (80kph) so that's not bad.

The EK was the first automatic transmission to be offered on a Holden Australian Car.  Marketed at the Hydra-Matic, (Grease!!) it was a three-speed unit which was fully imported from the United States during 1961 - 1962.

Venetians on the back window, remember them? John loved the 'Watsons of Greensborough' because it was from them that John bought his very first car, an FJ Holden. We both attended Greensborough Primary School, but didn't know each other then because he is older than I am so were in different classes!!!
However, years later when I returned to Greensborough to live, introduced by a mutual friend, the rest is history, as they say; we went to many a Drive-In in that old FJ - another memory hey?  Drive-ins!

Note the Fox Tail hanging in the front window, a popular necessity in those days. Arm shield over the opened window (see photo above) as it was now illegal back then to have your arm extending outside the open window.
Take a peep at the interior!
So, if you live in the area around Cowra (and I know many of my customers do) pop along Sunday to see approx. 100 cars on display from every State, even WA, NT & Tas - keen enthusiasts travelling from afar for their annual gathering. Interesting to note that the first FB-EK Holden Nationals was held in 1990 at Wagga Wagga NSW - MY local city.
The Nationals cater to all enthusiasts of the FB-EK model Holden; from rusty originals to the restored show-stoppers and from the one-owner preserved originals to the highly modified.

I hope you've enjoyed this little bit of Aussie history, 
particularly now that our car industry is destined to 'peter out'. 

Goodbye Jeff, as he drives off, enjoy your weekend!


  1. Amazing car! Fun to see that Preston Motors sticker. The first car I learned to drive in had been bought there and had that sticker.

  2. My first car was an EH Holden, that I had purchased from my older brother, and later sold to my younger brother. Does Jeff's car come complete with the Holden door 'squeek"? Rust was the killer for those cars, I remember using a metal nail file to break the rust, to release the water in the bottom of the doors. I loved my Holden, but we have had Fords ever since.

  3. Just love the EK Holden, my colours and my style of car. We have in the past had a few Fords but now have a Holden. Thank you Judy and Geoff for sharing.