Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Vintage Farm Machinery

I have made many friends from my customer base and many are on the land, so we share 'farm doings'. Several days ago, one such friend, Jill from Western Victoria, said her hubby, Bill, was going off for the day to Bendigo to take part in the special display of farm machinery from yesteryear.
It was for the 75th Birthday Celebration of Farmall Tractors, held on 31st May and 1st June 2014 at The Bendigo Prince of Wales Show Grounds, Bendigo, Vic. It included Tractor Trek, Heritage Vehicle Displays plus more. You may wish to visit their website here.

Bill has a Farmall A in original condition with mouldboard plough. He drove off on the miserable weather morning it was to attend the Bendigo event with his Farmall entry - toys for boys as some may say. (Forgive me Bill)

His pride and joy though is his 1927 John Deere with Genius plough.

Jill said "All the guys who come now to try to plough in the correct manner, rising crowns and finishing off correctly, have a fun day learning these old farming methods. Ploughs have to be straight, plough furrows even. If Bill was in a competition he would lose points for the grass showing in the image above."
Bill also has a Bullarto Vintage Tractor Pull.
Aren't these all incredible?
Jill and Bill grow spuds, oats, rape and other such crops. 
In fact, Bill was featured on an ABC program recently with his spuds.
I most certainly appreciate their permission to share these photos with you.

So, I got thinking about all the old stuff laying around our God's Little Acre, some of which John does use, others allowing the grass to grow around them. So, just for fun, I thought I'd take a few photos today of John's Vintage Farm Machinery - tongue in cheek, of course. Note what a beautiful sunny, blue sky day it was today, even though it is winter.
 Combine (gets used) and Seeder Combine

Diamond Harrow & Hay Rake

 Sometime she starts up, sometimes she doesn't.
John's old International Truck
 Tray with valuable bits and pieces a farmer needs from time to time.
Now, do you think he may qualify for the next 
Heritage Vintage Display?

Now, just because TODAY is the 50th Anniversary of the BEATLES visit to Australia in 1964 when Beatlemania took over fiercely, plus the fact that they were remembered also for their hair as well as their music, thought I would share this with you as my Beatle Memorabilia.
Taken by Melinda when she visited this weekend, a genuine (no photoshop here) photo of our own BEATLE EMU with a bad hair day. Note the emu in the background - this is how their head should look. HILARIOUS.


  1. So much history on 'Gods little acre' really do think the machinery etc is of great value to us true historians, just loved the historical overveiw

  2. Great set of photos here. I love seeing the old farm equipment and the fact that some of it is still in usable shape is amazing to me! They really are works of art.

    That emu looks sketchy and is not to be trusted, I hope you didn't have to spend a lot of time with it!

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine

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