Sunday, 14 September 2014

Machine Embroidery Retreat - Day One

Thought you may like to see some photos taken during DAY ONE of our Machine Embroidery Retreat being held this weekend.
Our warehouse was partly 'gutted' to make room for students - photos show warehouse inside and outside awaiting students arrival with the beautiful morning sunshine looking so inviting, then they arrived and starting unpacking to enjoy three glorious days of learning more about computerized embroidery.

Some of the techniques they learned today were:  positioning designs, resizing, different stabilizers, hooping correctly, changing lettering to suit, all about needles, using Mylar Embroidery Sheets, Felting, using an Embellisher, velvet stitching, stitching on Sulky Puffy Foam, using washaway stabilizer along for a towel loop hanger, towel embroidery and more.
Let me share some photos with you.
and stitching for velvet cutting.

Making a Loop Holder attached to a towel and then embroidered.
Highlight of the day was holding day old emu chicks during our lunch break. John gave them a tour of the emu incubator, hatcher and showed off our baby emu chicks, allowing them to hold the ones born only yesterday. We sell lots of Emu Products to all people all over the world.

A GREAT DAY and we are all set for DAY TWO!


  1. Looks like they are having fun with the emu chicks during their break.
    Learning new skills too.
    Thanks for sharing. Hope day 2 is just as fun.

  2. Enjoy the moments, girls. Hope the guys get just as much out of it too, helping John a little.

  3. Learning new techniques etc. Must be so rewarding. Holding day old emu chicks would be just so such fun. ENJOY the time girls and thanks for sharng

  4. Indeed was a great time had by all. Last of guests left only today.