Monday, 15 September 2014

Machine Embroidery Retreat - Day Two

Students thoroughly enjoyed DAY TWO of our Machine Embroidery Retreat.
Like to see some of the embroidery they did?

Finished Owls felted owls from yesterday.

Fringing, sewing over wire around leaves making them free-standing, 
sewing organza using Terial Magic Spray and no other stabilizer 
then cutting the leaves and flowers out using a Stencil Burner.

 Learning how to use Cutwork Tools on machines - not like in the past generation!
Or even painting with your sewing machine!

Embroidering with a Hemstitch Needle and Correct Placements of designs. 

Lee was as 'proud as Punch' with her finished project and rightly so.

Last Day coming..................


  1. WOW had no idea you could paint with your sewing machine.
    Ladies must be so pleased with themselves wonderful work. Are they all beginners?

  2. Oh, I d love the owls, cutwork tools, and painting with a sewing, the mind boggles, congratulations ladies on such lovely work, thank you for sharing.

  3. Should have read, painting with a sewing machine.