Friday, 19 September 2014

Machine Embroidery Retreat - Day Three

Our Machine Embroidery Retreat is finished and students returned home, minds boggling with ideas and their newly learned techniques. Everyone sewed out of their normal comfort zone so extended themselves beyond what they'd previously dared to enter. That is what is so good about attending a Retreat with guidance and assurance that "yes, you can do it". Many thanks to our knowledgeable tutor, Robyn. Students were happy with a smaller than usual group as they had more room to spread out and certainly received more one to one attention.

Students made some gorgeous purses "in the hoop" so here are some images in progress and the finished delights. Yes, made completely in the hoop!

Using Metallic Threads offers difficulties for some, so we gave tips on using such and everyone was impressed with their stitching once they knew the "know-hows".

Certainly Yvonne likes her results - using a fancy sheer fabric even!

Learning how to position correctly and accurately using The Sewing Revolution is always a popular part of our Retreat. We also showed the possibilities of using The Junior Block Marker - both are exceedingly good Aussie-Made products. Plus, the same company offers a great embroidery layout software program called Starfish Revolution. If you want embroidery, applique, motifs, quilting designs placed in a row, equally spaced, then the Simflex Expanding Gauge impressed our students.

Cheryl was ecstatic to have finished her folder for the first time 
(Cheryl has attended previous Retreats) - a personal best achievement.
Cheryl used The Sewing Revolution for perfect placement.

Jo was impressed with the three-dimensional texture that Texture Magic gave to her fabric which she will now make up into a purse. One sample using velvet was a stunning evening purse.

Free-standing flowers adorn a cushion.

Students were shown how to use the embroidery features of using the Silhouette Cameo for placement, rhinestone templates and drawing with pens rather than using the cutting blade when the Cameo is used in conjunction with their software. All very fascinating and quite enlightening for the possibilities offered.

Students all reported just how much they learned and wished to return - that was the best compliment.
Some of the students display their projects.
As the sun sinks in the west, the Retreat drew to a close.  Photo, courtesy of Ola (student)

If you'd like to attend next year, we are taking expressions of interest now with finalization by March to see if we can organize another Retreat or move onto other things.
Thank you to all Students and to Robyn our Tutor.


  1. How wonderful each and every item look, how proud each of the students must rewarding it must be for those teaching to see students achieve so much. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh so true Effie. They all enjoyed themselves. Barb had already left when this photo was taken of the group, but she did very well indeed, accomplishing what she came to learn as well. Judy

  3. Gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing.