Sunday, 26 October 2014

Felt & Silk Wearable Art - Svenja, Textile Artist

Introduction to the Guest Artist at the recent Craft & Quilt Fair at Brisbane was "Svenja has the 'WOW' factor, indeed she does.
SVENJA is a Brisbane Textile Artist who has won awards at the world-renowned World of Wearable Art™ (WOW) held in September at Wellington, New Zealand.

Meet Svenja - visit her website and view many of her Internationally award-winning wearable art.

Her display at the Craft & Quilt Fair was certainly eye-catching and mind boggling. Amazing unique felt creations and silk wearables, each piece being a fusion of sculptural and textural techniques which Svenja was demonstrating.

Maybe not what one might wear downtown, but you have to applaud such fine local talent. I hope you enjoy her magnificent work.

Svenja says she often begins with un-dyed silk and merino wool then creates such felted beauty like these.
 AMAZING?  MOST DEFINITELY! I must say I enjoyed even seeing what Svenja was wearing each day of the show - that indeed was stunning and very much a crowd-stopper.

Want more?  Visit her blog and see her gallery and then click on each image for the full array of photos. Worth a visit.


  1. I have to agree she is fabulous!!! I love her blog, too.
    Kind regards,
    Flora x

  2. What wonder full talent Svenja has, not quite country style, casual clothes worn here, but, talent she has. Take care Effiex

  3. Talented, I grant. Amazing for sure.