Monday, 20 October 2014

FARM FIRE - Summer is here early

Summer is not officially here until 1st December, but it was here today!  Fire breaks have been made around each paddock for some time and John has kindly mowed a track for me to continue my daily walking routine around our property but today, we had a little drama on the Farm.
Grazing paddocks have too much height and too much barley grass, so John has mowed some with his new slasher and was doing the last paddock today when a stone sent off a spark.  Here's the result.
He jumped off the tractor and had it reasonably under control, but then phoned me for extra help. When our staff and I saw the smoke billowing, one of them phoned the Fire Brigade whilst two of us drove down in the ute to help. The Fire Brigade must have seen the smoke as they arrived faster than the phone call would have allowed for. Then a second Fire Brigade arrived.
They quickly distinguished it.  Great work guys and thank you.
Not a large fire, but a little too close to our house for comfort.

Here is the culprit. The dark part of the stone at the lower edge is what sent off a spark.
How easily can it happen!
On a brighter note, softy Farmer John wouldn't pull down a nest some Swallows have built in our carport and now we have 4 baby Swallows in the nest.  
Note the mud nest and some emu feathers in it too.  Amazing to watch them build it bit by bit.  Now he is complaining about the mess on the roof of his car. Piece of cardboard over that area fixes that problem.
John hasn't had as much time to garden this year, or should I say inclination, due to his lack of ability to move as he did 20 years ago. Maybe next year ..............
However, he's so proud of his roses and a some other colourful sections of the garden.
Note the two crows having a drink from the sheep's watering tank.

Most of the blossom trees have now finished, this photo taken a few weeks ago.
This particular tree was "halved" in a fierce windstorm last year so I was pleased how it had recuperated.



  1. Bit too close to home with that grass fire and it isn't Summer yet. Hope you don't have too many more problems as the weather heats up. Your garden is gorgeous!

  2. Love all the blooms you have, the baby swallows are just sweet, we have them in or garage to, you were lucky with the grass fire, they spread so quickly.take care Effie.

  3. Nice way to finish your blog with those beautiful plants. Look at the fire this way - at lease you don't have to worry about that bit of grass anymore.
    You are so so right - farming provides every 'moment' - none are dull.
    Best wishes for a safe summer - we are still green down here, but it isn't gearing up well, the grass is drying quickly.

    1. Jill, we are endeavouring to visit you after Christmas if that's okay?