Saturday, 18 October 2014

KIDS QUILTS - You Will Love Them!

I have always admired the KIDS QUILTS stand whenever at the Craft & Quilt Fairs, Quilt Festival at Houston USA or Festival of Quilts at Birmingham UK.  It is always so bright and cheerful - here is their stand at Brisbane's Craft & Quilt Fair last week.
KIDS QUILTS is a New Zealand company (you know, that far eastern State of Australia) dedicated to designing original and unique patterns for children's quilts, born out of a passion for sewing and love for their children. The creative side is managed by the amazing mother-daughter duo, Christine Sharp and Rachael Wright. Together, they have created over 80 patterns and quilts sold worldwide.

Speaking to David, Christine's hubby and business partner, he was bubbling on about a new range of fabric and patterns they were releasing at Houston later this month. However, visitors to the Brisbane Show had a sneak preview, so they gave me permission to share with you.

"WOODLAND PARK" is their very first line of quilting fabric designed for RJR Fabrics and is featured in the following new quilt patterns.
Here are some photos I took from their display at the show.  
Please enjoy and admire.
"WOODLAND PARK" a Single Bed Quilt Pattern
"FOREST FRIENDS" a Cot Quilt Pattern
"NUTS ABOUT YOU" a Wall Quilt Pattern
"GOODNIGHT OWL" a Wall Quilt Pattern
Their range of adorable children's quilts always impress me and you can imagine any "littlee" loving them to bits when they have one on their own bed or hanging in their bedroom. So, here you go Grandma, delight one whom you love with one of the KIDS QUILTS in their exciting new range of patterns or from one of their other popular designs. I love them so much that I've decided to make them available to you via my website. Each quilt shown has a link to it, or you may visit KIDS QUILTS on my website here.

How I got to know Christine and David was from a collaboration which often happens on the show circuit.  They have a few educational fabric books which require a stabilizer called SOFT AND STABLE so always sent customers to me for purchasing such. Brought back so many memories of rag books I had for my children and grandchildren (and still have) so I now have them available for you via my website too. RAGGY FABRIC BOOK PATTERNS here.
Here is another sneak preview - Work in Progress 
a new quilt Christine is working on completing for Houston
I hope this has delighted you and shows you how some Exhibitors work together.
Our patterns will be available in a few weeks, but you may place your orders now.


  1. Delighted and inspired, just love these quilts, they are so lovely, will see patterns when you have them. Thank you Effie.

  2. Love the Woodland series, sew cute!

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