Thursday, 6 November 2014

AMATEUR QUILTS and others at Brisbane's Craft & Quilt Fair

If these are AMATEUR QUILTS then there is hope for us all. More quilts from Brisbane's Craft & Quilt Fair last month. Going through these is therapeutic for me since I so missed going to Houston International Quilt Festival & Market last week.
Amateur Quilts are to be pieced, appliquéd, Whole Cloth or Crazy with no pictorials or art.

Second Prize in the AMATEUR SMALL QUILT Section was awarded to 
ROSEMARY McCALL for her quilt 
"TURKISH SPICE + TILES with a dash of Rosemary, William and Michelle"
It also earned a JUDGE'S CHOICE AWARD.
Rosemary said "Influences collide in this work after a trip to Turkey, fulfilling my passion for their spice markets, flavours and design in rugs and tiles. These inspirations crossed over with a Michelle Hill workshop and William Morris' style."
If you read yesterday's blog, you may have remembered that Rosemary also won First Prize in the Amateur Art/Pictorial Section. Clever lady! So pleased that Punch with Judy co-sponsored the above section. Well done Rosemary.

Second Prize in the AMATEUR PIECED Section was awarded to 
GAIL PRICE for her quilt "MAGIC MERGE"
Isn't it stunning? Such wonderful use of colour.
Gail said "My first colourwash quilt made as a birthday present for my daughter-in-law."
Gail also won Third Prize in the AMATEUR SMALL QUILT Section for her quilt "HOT SPOT".
I had been attracted to the quilt and took photos of it, not realizing until Gail ventured up to my show stand to thank me for the prize, that it was one that Punch with Judy had co-sponsored. I could honestly justify that I loved her quilt and felt very honoured to be one to reward her.
Pretty stunning, isn't it? Gail described it as "A traditional block constructed into a new way turning it into a very modern look."
Third Prize in the AMATEUR Section for a FIRST TIME ENTRANT was awarded to ELE HOCKEY for her comical quilt "EMU". The section stated "Any technique - all your own work". Now, of course, you know what drew me to this quilt, being Emu Farmers!
Ele said "Emu decided on 1 more crossing on track (bad decision). Hand painted, free-motion stitched scene, used wool for Emu's hair. Surrounding blocks my design, reflecting bright colours of the outback. Free-motion quilted. Inspiration from John Murray Artist." 
Love the reflection of the vehicle in the Emu's eyes. 
Ele, I'll give your quilt a good home when you're tired of looking at it :) 

This next quilt I photographed to share with students of my Online Course of making quilts with curves using the amazing Curve Master Presser Foot. Thought you may like to see one of the wonderful variations of Drunkard's Path because it was similar to a method we taught in our classes.
Made by TRISH PARKER, entered in the AMATEUR PIECED Section, "STRATA QUILT" was commenced in a Qld. Quilters Inc. workshop in 2010 with Kerry Glen.

The next quilt may not have won any awards, but in my eyes it did. Why? There are so many quilts in USA depicting their heritage but not so many in our Country. C'mon, quilters out there, give it a go, there's so much history to be recorded. At first, I didn't even look at the quiltmaker, I just loved the quilting idea. Then I read the quilter was BARBARA McINTYRE, a wonderfully talented and lovely lady who has sometimes made garments for my show display and has had projects in National Magazines. I know Barb affectionately as "The Watermelon Lady"but that's another story.
Barb said "When England lost the American Colonies, the decision was made to send convicts crowding English Gaols to New Holland. The quilt features a pieced flag with borders of convict arrows. Small quilts of screen printed scenes of Old Sydney Town which was a re-enactment park, but now closed, make up the body of the quilt".



  1. Thank you for sharing the stunning quilts over the last couple of days. Very talented people.

  2. Makes you feel humble and inadequate, hey?

  3. Beautiful quilts. Talented quilters, the quilts you have shared with us over the last few' days have made excellent viewing. Thank you Effiex