Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Quilts from Students at Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair

It is so very encouraging to note the youth now visiting many of the shows we attend.  Quilt Guilds have sections in their displays for Under 12's and for Secondary Students. May I share some from the recent Craft & Quilt Fair at Brisbane?

The Up to 12 Years of Age JUNIOR ENTRANT Section 
was won by ELLA KIDD for her quilt 
Ella actually made this delightful quilt during the Christmas School Holidays when she was 9 years old. She said, "the background is coloured like a rainbow because I love rainbows and I thought it would look nice with the black flower and banners".
Hey, NINE YEARS OLD!  Well done Ella, we are all proud of you.

First Prize in the Senior Entrant Up to 18 Years of Age Section was awarded to 
CALAIS McDERMOTT for her quilt M5B.
Calais said, "A patchwork of different fictional characters. The quilt brings together their unique personalities and displays them in detail. This colourful quilt has strong sentimental value to the creator as well as bringing a fresh subject matter to the show".

The BERNINA EXCELLENCE AWARD for Senior Student was awarded to 
KATE MATTHEWS for her quilt FLY.

Oh how I love Kate's description............YEAH for all the Grandma's teaching the next generation!
Kate said "Machine pieced quilt of my own design. Free motion quilting. Supervised by Grandma. Machine Applique".

 Thank you GRANDMA!
These are the only ones in the Junior Sections that I photographed, 
but isn't the quilting future in good hands?  
More as soon as possible because I am now in Adelaide for their Craft & Quilt Fair. I hope you visit if you live nearby. 
We are on Stand A07 and also at the front entrance on the 
Nifty Notions stand for Into Craft. See you at the SHOW.


  1. They are really wonderful. Talented young people!

  2. Wonderful, expressive, modern, congratulations to the young ones.Effiex