Friday, 14 November 2014

More Winning Quilts from Brisbane's Craft & Quilt Fair

Sharing some more quilts from the Craft & Quilt Fair in Brisbane during October.

in the Amateur Commercially Quilted Section
Read Jenny's comments and be "absolutely floored" by her story.

Jenny said "My Mum encouraged me to take the challenge to make my first full-sized quilt. My colours reflect the colours of Australia. Our deserts, beaches, outback and forest. My borders are reminiscent of the tropical fish in our reef.  A Judy Niemeyer Glacier Star Pattern."
This section states that the quilt top has to be made by one person and the quilting done by a commercial quilter. In this case, Jenny's Mum. So, who is Jenny's Mum?  Chris Harvey. Now Chris WON FIRST PLACE in the PROFESSIONALLY PIECED Section.  
Here is "RUBY" made by CHRIS HARVEY
Chris said "This quilt celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Many packets of Bali Pops were used to get the colours for the rings for this Judy Niemeyer Pattern. I custom quilted it then decided to add approx. 500 loops".
The next quilt didn't win a place in the Professionally Pieced Section, but I liked it and thought it appropriate to share with my Curve Master Online Students since it could easily be a quilt using curved piecing.
A beautiful quilt JANE RUNDLE with a beautiful story too. "30 YEARS LATER"
Jane said "I started the quilt in about 1984 when I lived in Hobart. Originally as a wedding gift for my boyfriend, we have been married since 1986. It is hand-pieced with only the long seams machine-pieced. Machine quilted in a series of ever enlarging feathers. The Yellow was originally Pink!  I unpicked it and changed it to Yellow this year and am much happier with the quilt".
My goodness - what an achievement and such dedication.
in the PROFESSIONALLY PIECED Section for her quilt 
It shows Machine Applique and Piecing and is Machine Quilted. The applique is outlined in 30 weight thread. Lorraine always shows amazing quilts and this is no exception.
I hope these quilts give you inspiration and ideas. They are all pretty amazing I am sure you will agree.


  1. Love the colours chosen in Under Southern Skies

  2. All quilts are just lovely, so much talent. The Jane Rundle quilt is most appealing, reminds me of the colours on a foggy morning and the misty mountains of my homeland Scotland. The mornings I still love so much,and, the curve master course. Thank you for sharing. effiex

  3. love the quilts, so beautifully done! I managed to get the directions for the curve master from the youtube website and from the USA, showed exactly what I did wrong in assuming I have to do all kind of crazy manoeuvres, but this was so plain to see and voila, a quilt almost finished and looks great!!!

  4. I agree, colours of Under Southern Skies are brilliant. Instructions and video for using the Curve Master are on my website. Glad you love using it Effie and Tineke.