Monday, 26 January 2015

Spirit of the Land Festival 2014

Every year the SPIRIT OF THE LAND FESTIVAL is the highlight of the Shire of Lockhart NSW, where we live. What better day to share with you the winners of the 2014 Festival held last October than AUSTRALIA DAY 2015. Something that is truly AUSSIE country flavour!
Most of you would know that we live just south of Wagga in the Riverina, but the creek at the bottom of our property is the dividing line between the City of Wagga (the biggest inland city of NSW) and the Shire of Lockhart, a truly rural community. So we are part of that Shire. The Rock is host today of the Shire's Celebrations for AUSTRALIA DAY.

How did the Festival Begin?
During the worst drought in Lockhart's recorded history as a celebration to the resilience of those who live and work the land, the Festival was inspired by those who saw the inner strength, courage and determination of a community battling an invisible foe.

Now in its ninth successful year, the Spirit of the Land Festival is a unique, dynamic festival showcasing Farm Art Sculptures created from recycled metal, farm materials and elements of the land.
The standard of these sculptures are very high and the event is one of the main festivals in the region.
There are street stalls, other events and plenty for the kids to do.  Well done Lockhart!
The Winner of the National Farm Art Sculpture Award was again awarded to Stuart Taylor (a regular contributor) for his sculpture of a "GRAZING HORSE".
$20,000.00 was shared among 21 Winners
Congratulations to everyone.
More winners were:

I hope you've enjoyed the talented people's entries above and I apologize for not being able to determine the individual peoples' entries.

For those who are Grey Nomads, you may like to add to your diary the date for this year's Festival.
10th and 11th OCTOBER, 2015


  1. Amazing creations Judy. Happy Australia Day xx

    1. Thanks Jenny, these are indeed. Every year I marvel at them. Happy Australia Day to you too.

  2. Creative people have certainly produced wonders to behold. Thank you. Effie xx.

    1. Yes, each year I am amazed with their talent.

  3. Really love these posts. The artists are simply amazing. This years winning entry is sensational! Thx.