Friday, 17 April 2015

AQC 2015 - Orientation

Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) is now on in Melbourne amid much excitement and some very excited delegates and visitors. It has been frantically busy. Punch with Judy is proud to be a sponsor and it was my pleasure to be sponsoring the Delegates' Orientation Morning prior to the show opening.

Gary Fitzroy (Show Organizer) entertained delegates in his formidable stage-style performance everyone loves. It was a fun morning and winners of my "give-away prizes" were all delighted, allowing me to photograph them.

We have two stands at the show and indeed, how busy!! The NEW Westalee Ruler Foot has had onlookers 4 deep all day watching Leonie West demonstrate her new invention, whilst Bill West demonstrates other Westalee products. Surely must be the "hit of the show".

Our main stand was "full-on" all day too, though the visitors were in good spirit and enjoying their day at the show. Was great to catch up with so many regular customers and sometimes have a chat, when time permitted. This was taken in a "quiet" period!  Hence I could slip off the stand for a moment to take a photo.

Winner of the AQC Challenge True Blue was awarded to JEANNIE HENRY for her "True Blue Jacko".

Jeannie said "For me, 'True Blue' evokes thoughts of things uniquely and distinctly Australian. 
A blue-winged kookaburra high up in a gum tree, set against an intensely blue sky brings together three True Blue Aussie icons." Well done Jeannie and Congratulations.

Shall continue to keep you updated as time permits. Many photos need to have permission to publish though before I can share with you.
I hope you are able to visit the AQC over the weekend. Show is open from 10.00am to 4.30pm and held at the beautiful, historic, Royal Exhibition Buildings, 9 Nicholson Street, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria. You won't regret it. This year's theme is all about the 100 year Anniversary of the ANZACS and the displays will have you smiling and crying at the same time.


  1. You certainly have been busy Judy, and doesn't Jacko look just wonderful. Thanks Effiex

  2. What a show! This year I went to the quilts first instead of shopping 😄 the True Blue challenge along with the Gallipoli & Anzac quilts were just wonderful ........such talented quilters. I was really sorry not to have been able to get to see Leonie West demonstrating the new quilting rulers.....too many like minded ladies & not tall enough to see over shoulders.....oh well I'll look locally for more info! Loved your stall & purchased some goodies....till next AQC 💐

    1. That's a shame re being too short! Was busy there. I agree re the quilts challenges, amazing talent we have in Australia. Thanks Annette.