Saturday, 30 May 2015

Name my new Rooster!

Catching up on a little Farm News:

My dear Rooster died and for the next few days, my hens wouldn't even come out of the hen house, so something needed to be done. A local farmer friend of John's so kindly gave me a young 12 week old Rhode Island Red and he settled in very quickly and now I have a happy hen house again. He made a miserable effort of crowing at first, but now look at him! Crowing superbly too. In just a month he is the proud king of the roost. He has no name though. Any ideas please?
They roam freely during the day, much to John's disgust as they like his garden! Caught them picking this morning and when they saw me came running, thinking it was feed time. I love my chooks. I was born in the year of the Rooster and have over 40 items featuring Roosters and Chooks in my kitchen, to the delight of my eldest Granddaughter who takes great pleasure in counting them each visit to see if I've added. No more please!

Before I got my new Rooster, my cousin who was visiting, took pity upon me and placed a ceramic rooster in the chookshed as a joke. I moved such to the back verandah. Thanks Jeff and Joan!

My other great love is any lamb I have had to bottlefeed.
Midge has just had another set of twins and because Midge runs to me (for food) when I go walking, the little twins followed yesterday and didn't seem to worry about me being so close. Suppose as long as they were with Mum, they felt safe.  Such beautiful lambs, don't you think?
Midge has often been featured in previous Blogs. She stands still to have a body massage, the antics of which are very funny, Of course, she delights in a slice of bread or a biscuit.

There have been some beautiful sunsets over The Rock Hill this month. 
Is that The Rock becoming a volcano?  Looks like it, doesn't it?
Yesterday The Rock township had dense fog, though none on the hill where we live, but the sight was so beautiful from my front garden.

Next Blog will be some reports from the Craft & Quilt Fair in Perth which we've just arrived home from. Perth is always a friendly atmosphere with so many customers seeing us just once a year - thank you.
Next Show is at Glebe Island, Sydney, for the Craft & Quilt Fair from 17 - 21 June, 2015.

Don't forget to vote for whomever in the ACIA 2015 Awards!
Now closing 8th June, 2015.
Punch with Judy has been nominated in all four categories available for public voting, three are straight forward, the Best New Product is the NEW Westalee Ruler Foot, which we are demonstrating at all shows and hold an Online Course for.  Well deserved to be nominated.


  1. Judy, you could call your new rooster FILIN. Short for fill in, as he is a replacement.

  2. Hi Judy. He looks like a Cedric to me
    Regards Polly

  3. Think the rooster looks like 'king cluck' to me, he stands so proud and tall, thanks for the farm photos. Hugs Effiex

  4. Thank you one and all for your suggestions.