Saturday, 5 June 2010

Continuous Prairie Points and Frills

Last week or so has seen us travel home from Perth safely and into the swing of things preparing for the Craft & Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour, the biggest show for the year in Australia.  Always an exciting show and one not to be missed if you're within travelling distance.  I'll mention all the features in this week's Quick News.  My Daily Seminar, Craft Class, Ask It, Solve It and CraftTech timetable is up on my website.

So many fun times in Perth as well as work.  Had a lovely night out at the Pancake Parlour, as per the usual annual get-together with the girls from Geraldton (way north of Perth) who travel down each year for the Show.  Even had a night out at the movies and saw "Robin Hood" with Russell Crowe and Kate Blanchett.  What a great Aussie pair!  Thoroughly enjoyed it, not to mention the choc-topped ice cream and the popcorn.

For those who've been attending my Daily Seminars at the shows this year, as promised, the Tutorial for making Continuous Prairie Points and Frills using the Pleat Maker have been added to my Tips & Tutorials on my website.  These are so easy to make using our Pleaters.  Have fun!

Have had a friend staying with us all week which has been delightful.  Another customer and past Retreatee, so isn't it wonderful to make such good friends through the business?

Has been beautiful weather here lately, one would not know it is now Winter.  Glorious days.  John marked the lambs during the week so some may not be "wagging their tails" for much longer.  Just look at how fat and healthy they are at present! 

Little Charlie sat for TWO hours patiently watching from her little box on John's quad bike while he tended his sheep.

Note the emus in the background when the sheep were herded back into the paddock?  The warmer than normal weather is preventing them from laying many eggs, so we're hoping for a quick change in temperature to get them back on track or we may not have many chicks later in the year.

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