Saturday, 25 September 2010

Henty Field Days

Everyone loves going to a "show"and the big cities have their Annual Shows, but country people wait all year for their big event - Field Days!  Henty Field Days, held only a very short distance from where we live, is undoubtedly one of the biggest and the best.  John went on Wednesday with a few mates and then took me for only a couple of hours on Thursday morning which stretched to 3/4 of a day to show me a few things he'd seen!  Hmmm.
(That's not us in the foreground either!)

Told him yeah, he could have a new tractor, maybe either one of these............
A Lanz Bulldog from the 1920's or the Deutz from 1939.  What do you think?  We marvelled at the display from the Henty & District Antique Farm Machinery Club. 

This little beauty is from 1927 and though it has on it a "Bamford", nothing else explained it.  John said it was used as a pump.   
Many came by plane or helicopter and there were several rows of light aircraft plus some for Joy Rides in an Ultra Light if you wished.


Rural Fire Brigade always deserves recognition for their committment to their work.

His dream is one day to convert our van into a mobile home and choof off around the outback, maybe finally teaching at some of the places where people keep asking me to come to.  "Have Van, Will Travel" sort of scenario.  One day!

They do them out well, don't they?
Maybe he should buy one of these and see our great land?

My favourite is watching the dog trials.  These smart dogs are brilliant to watch.  Far better than the two muts of sheep dogs we have at home.  Should've seen the two of us trying to "dip" the sheep last Tuesday!  Those stupid ewes just refused point blank to walk through the water with "medicine" in it to help their sore feet and lameness from all the rain we've had.  The way they worked, or didn't work, it's a wonder they got fed all week.  Trouble is they don't get enough work and become more like pets.  Just note the beautiful Canola crops in the background.
I never knew before that the dog wasn't permitted to run through the gates as if he crossed between the "farmer" and the sheep he had points deducted.
For 27 years the same guy has been travelling the Field Days showing his skills with fencing knots.  John has watched several times, then returned home still baffled at one particular knot he just didn't remember.  So, this year, the dear fellow gave John a sample to take home because he asked him his age and probably felt sorry for him!

There you go, for all the other farmers!  Didn't take much to make John's day!  Will also add that we came home with Solar Panels for the roof to cut our electricity costs and maybe make a little extra. 
I'm so glad Henty Field Days only come once a year but I truly know what you girls feel like when you visit a Craft Show and would prefer to have the Bank of England with you!  Keeping the reins on John's fantasies was extremely hard work with all that wonderful new machinery!

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